Kyron Horman Case: Stepmother Of Missing Oregon Boy Facing Gun, Domestic Violence Charges [Video]

Kyron Horman vanished without a trace on June 4, 2010, and according to investigators, his stepmother Terri Moulton Horman (aka Terri Lynn Morton) was the last person to see him alive. Kyron was just 7-years-old on the day he was at school early, stepmother by his side, for a science fair. According to Terri Horman, she left her stepson at the school after the early morning science fair. According to Kyron Horman’s teacher, he never made it to class.

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Nobody realized that Kyron Horman was missing until he didn’t get off the bus in the afternoon. What followed was a massive search that captivated Oregon and the nation. No official suspect has ever been named in the Kyron Horman case, but his biological parents have long implicated his stepmother in their son’s disappearance.

As Oregon Live reports, Kyron Horman’s biological mother, Desiree Young, doesn’t mince words when it comes to her suspicions about her son’s stepmother. Terri appeared on Dr. Phil in September to discuss the disappearance of Kyron Horman, and Desiree (who has formerly called her son’s stepmother “the evil one”) had plenty to say about the appearance.

“Of course, I was sad, angry, frustrated. I think I had probably a bunch of different emotions from that interview. I want her to be able to talk to law enforcement. I want her to be forthcoming with law enforcement. I don’t want her to go out on the media and grant an interview and talk about a bunch of lies. She needs to be held accountable to those lies.”

In her appearance on Dr. Phil, Kyron Horman’s stepmother alleged that her stepson was abducted by a “man in a white truck.”

After the disappearance of Kyron Horman, his stepmother faced allegations in a murder-for-hire plot involving the little boy’s dad, Kaine Horman. While she was never formally charged in the murder-for-hire-plot, the evidence was substantial enough to cost Terri custody of her daughter in her divorce. Since then, she has relocated from Oregon to California in an attempt to evade public scrutiny (while she’s never been charged or named an official suspect in the Kyron Horman case, she has been a person of police and public interest) and be closer to her adoptive parents.

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For years, the stepmother of Kyron Horman seemed to fade from the radar. Now, however, she is back in the spotlight, and the reason is very concerning both to Kyron Horman’s biological mother and those who have followed the case.

As KGW 8 Portland reports, 46-year-old Terri Horman’s California legal trouble began in the summer of 2015 when she allegedly stole a gun from her roommate’s safe. The case flew under the radar for over a year because she was arrested and charged under her maiden name, Terri Lynn Moulton (an Oregon judge had recently denied several requests to grant a name change). Allegedly, police found the stolen gun in the possession of the stepmother of Kyron Horman when they approached her with her roommate’s allegations.


She was charged with misdemeanor grand theft firearm but failed to appear in court to answer to the charge. Ultimately, the stepmother of Kyron Horman was picked up on a warrant related to the alleged gun theft on July 4, 2016. That’s when she was booked and released from the Yuba County Jail for failure to appear.

The stepmother of Kyron Horman has pleaded not guilty in the case and is facing a hearing later in December to face the music. Desiree Young spoke to the media following the news of the gun charges, again not holding back in her opinion of Kyron’s stepmother.

“I think that her time is running out and I think that she knows that. We are getting closer and closer to her and I think that she should be scared. I am concerned that what will end up happening is someone is going to be harmed, in addition to Kyron, and that is when we’ll be able to hold her accountable. I really hope that is not going to be the case but I really have this feeling. There are so many cases that we are familiar with and it is unfortunate but that is sometimes the catalyst that ends up getting them arrested is some other crime or problem.”


Unfortunately for Horman, her California legal troubles don’t end there. Shortly after the news of her gun charges was picked up by the local and national media, Kyron Horman’s stepmother once again made waves over a run-in with the law. This time, Terri is accused of some pretty significant domestic violence, including brandishing a knife at her domestic partner.

As Oregon Live reports, the stepmother of Kyron Horman is expected in court on December 16 to face charges related to the alleged domestic violence involving her domestic partner, Joseph Cristobal. That is the same day Terri Horman is scheduled to appear before a judge on the gun charges.

According to Cristobal, he’s currently afraid for his life, and he has filed for a restraining order against Terri. He alleges that the stepmother of Kyron Horman pulled a knife on him, holding it to his face while she threatened that “something is going to happen to me or my family.”

“I don’t even know what she’s capable of.”

In both the gun theft case and the domestic violence case, Terri Horman is using the name Terri Lynn Mouton.

As her court date looms, it is unknown whether or not the new legal troubles facing the stepmother of Kyron Horman will impact the investigation into Kyron’s disappearance.

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