Sophie Stanbury Reveals More About Rift With Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Accuses Adela King Of Betraying Her For Storyline

"Ladies of London" star Caroline Stanbury

The latest Ladies of London episode showed Caroline Stanbury being the odd woman out at the beginning of the group’s stay at Julie Montagu’s Mapperton estate. Over the ladies’ first dinner, Caroline got into an argument with Julie over her refusal to join in on the upcoming fishing expedition that Julie had planned. Surprisingly, while Caroline’s friend, Adela King, did tell the other women to back off on Caroline, she also insulted Caroline a bit, which caused Caroline to lash out at Adela. Caroline’s sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, also didn’t seem to back up Caroline during her tense argument with Julie but rather seemed amused by it all.

After the episode aired on Tuesday night, Caroline made it clear that she’s not bothered by the lack of support. She posted a message to her Instagram page that declared that she’s bullet proof and challenged her enemies to fire away.

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In response to one viewer who tweeted that Adela isn’t a very good friend and that perhaps she’s attacking/throwing shade at Caroline just to have a storyline, Caroline admitted that she kind of agrees with that assessment.

In response to another viewer who wondered if Adela came on the show intending to destroy Caroline, Caroline entertained the idea.

Caroline also agreed with another viewer who pointed out that first Sophie then Adela just treated her like dirt.

It seems that viewers will see Adela’s and Sophie’s friendships with Julie get stronger as the season progresses, for the three women have recently shared a lot of photos of one another on their social media pages. On Tuesday, Sophie posted a photo of herself with Julie. One person left a comment asking Sophie to make up with Caroline, pointing out that they have had a long friendship, that they’re family and that she was in the wrong for telling Julie what Caroline said about her in the first place.

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Sophie revealed that she and Caroline made up over her telling Julie that Caroline had described her as “dangerous” a long time ago. According to Sophie, her current estrangement from Caroline is due to something else. While Sophie admitted that she and Caroline are currently taking a break from one another, she also acknowledged that they’ll always be family.

“cyork78:Sophie I wish you would make up with Caroline. 20 year friendships are valuable and you were wrong to say anything to Jules. Real apologies go a long way and you have children who are cousins with Carolines kids.”

“sophiestanbury: @cyork78 we did make up over this ages ago! and then we took another turn so now we are taking a well earned break – sometimes it’s just what you need when the going gets tough – we will always still have our gorgeous children and families in common but everyone needs a little break sometimes x thanks for your concern cx”

Sophie left another comment stating that “things were very distorted” with Caroline.

“sophiestanbury: @antoinettemz_ it’s too long to explain but things were very distorted and the family thing is a good way of deflecting out of a tough situation! Hope you enjoy the show xx”

Sophie also defended Julie when a viewer criticized her.

“sophiestanbury: @carofs1717 no she’s actually really lovely and so much fun! X”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Caroline revealed last week on Watch What Happens Live that she and Sophie are currently “broken.

Adela also chimed in on the situation between Caroline and Sophie. In response to a viewer who left a comment on one of her Instagram photos telling her to stand up for Caroline, pointing out that it was Sophie who started the mess, Adela pointed out that Sophie has apologized for what she did many times already. Adela, in line with what Sophie wrote on her Instagram page, also revealed that the drama between Caroline and Sophie goes much deeper than just what Sophie told Julie.

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“mhwp313:Please stand up for Caroline. Sophie started this mess and you should have Caroline’s back.”

“adelakinglondon@mhwp313 Sophie has owned what she did and apologised many times for it….. this ‘mess’ as you put it runs much deeper than just what Sophie repeated… I think you have to stop and ask yourself why Caroline referred to Jules as ‘dangerous’??? There is a much bigger picture here and Soph was just the icing on the cake.”

Caroline actually had something to say about what Adela wrote. Caroline wrote that Sophie Stanbury had nothing to do with why she called Julie Montagu dangerous.

“carolinestanbury: @adelakinglondon not really Adela”

“adelakinglondon: @carolinestanburynot really what”

“carolinestanbury@adelakinglondon has nothing to do with Sophie why I called Julie dangerous”

Despite what viewers saw happen on the latest Ladies of London episode, viewers may see Adela King and Caroline Stanbury remain friends, for Adela also left another comment that pointed out that all friendships go through ups and downs.

“adelakinglondon: @mhwp313 All friendships go through ups and downs that’s life it’s the way you work through them that matters…. were all dealing with huge changes in our lives and that sometimes manifests itself in the way we are around each other but that also is life! It’s a reality show so you’re going to see the ups and downs and at the end of the day we’re all human????”

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On the latest episode, Julie Montagu hosted the women at her Mapperton estate. Upon arrival, Julie announced to her guests her “house rules.”

“Ding ding ding, house rules!”

Not surprisingly, Caroline didn’t take well to Julie’s “house rules.” Caroline also made it clear that she didn’t want to join the fishing trip that Julie had planned for later on in the stay. Over dinner, things got tense when Julie called out Caroline for not participating, and Caroline retorted that she was a grown woman who wasn’t going to be ordered to do anything. Caroline pointed out that Julie giving her “house rules” on how to behave reminded her of being in boarding school and of the restricted, aristocratic life that she left behind.

#seriously! ?…. who the F … gives you rules on arrival ???????????????????????????????????????? #ladiesoflondon @bravotv tonight 10pm someone get me out of here ….

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Adela spoke up to tell the women to back off as Caroline was in a bad mood since didn’t get her makeup done, which prompted the other women to laugh.

“The more you tell her, the more she’ll rebel. So let’s just leave her. Let her sleep. She’s exhausted because, you know, she’s been driven down here without her makeup done.”

Caroline immediately told Adela to stop talking, to which Adela pointed out that Caroline herself believes she’s spoiled.

“You just agreed with me that you’re spoiled!”

Caroline lashed out at Adela before leaving the dinner table.

“I’m so sick of you Adela. You really are a pain in the a**!”

If there is a season 4 of Ladies of London starring Julie Montagu, Sophie Stanbury, and Adela King, will Caroline continue with it? Will Caroline sign up for another season even if all is well with them? After all, she and her family now live in Dubai due to her husband’s work. Perhaps viewers will see Caroline starring in her own show set in Dubai? In response to a viewer who, via Twitter, asked Bravo to give Caroline her own show in Dubai, Caroline responded with enthusiasm.

As the Inquisitr reported, Caroline Stanbury admitted on Watch What Happens Live last week that her future with the show is up in the air.

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