Apple iPad Mini Sells Out, Now Listed As ‘Shipping In Two Weeks’

When the Apple iPad mini officially launches customers who have not pre-ordered will need to wait at least two weeks to pick up the new tablet. Apple’s online store initially showed black versions of the tablet for sale but marked those units as “sold out” over the weekend.

The iPad Mini is set to debut on November 2 and given Apple’s insistence that production be increased drastically it is likely customers will in fact receive newly placed orders by mid-November.

Apple ran into some production issues in September and October as Samsung decided to end its business with the company. Samsung for a long time was responsible for manufacturing a large portion of Apple displays for smartphones and tablets. Much of Samsung’s production responsibilities have been handed over to device manufacturer LG.

Out of stock devices at this time only include Wi-Fi only devices. Apple has not yet revealed how well cellular connected devices are doing.

Apple will begin pushing out its black and white iPad Mini tablets through Apple Stores, Online and via third-party retailers.

Whether or not Apple will be able to maintain its sales push for the new devices is difficult to determine. On the one hand Apple fans love their new toys, on the other hand the devices $329 price point when offering an inferior display and no GPS on Wi-Fi editions could push uses towards the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 tablets.

Will you be purchased an Apple iPad Mini this year or settling on a technologically superior and cheaper alternative?