‘Pump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Still Hurt She Wasn’t Invited To Tom Schwartz’s Proposal

Kristen Doute didn’t appear on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, but she is working hard on getting back into the stars’ good graces. For a long time, Kristen was known as crazy Kristen, because of the way she would talk about people, how she would blame Tom Sandoval for cheating and how she would conveniently ignore her own cheating behavior. But these days, it sounds like she just wants to be a good friend to Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder. Despite not being on good terms a few years ago, it sounds like Doute is determined to keep everything positive and happy.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she had an awesome time at Katie and Tom Schwartz’s wedding, but she is still disappointed that she wasn’t invited to Tom’s epic proposal, which took place on the previous season of Vanderpump Rules. He had staged a proposal between two people, which he then interrupted to steal the ring and propose to Katie. She didn’t see it coming, but all of their friends were there. Kristen Doute is disappointed that she wasn’t invited.

“It makes me really emotional, even today talking about it, because missing the engagement was, I mean, it’s the only time she’ll ever be engaged. To toot my own horn, I introduced Katie and Tom, but I remember the last six years so vividly. I remember the first time they met, I remember Schwartz just chasing her for months when she wasn’t ready to date anyone, and he never gave up, and then she finally gave in,” Kristen Doute revealed to Bravo when asked about how she felt about being a part of the wedding.

And while Doute loved being a part of the wedding, she is disappointed that she didn’t get an invite to the proposal, as she wasn’t on the best of terms with Katie and Tom. But when asked what she liked about Katie’s wedding, she merely replied with “everything.” Of course, the wedding will be showcased on this season of Vanderpump Rules and based on the previews, it sounds like Tom may have some hesitations before getting married.

“Now they’re finally married, so it was really heartbreaking when she got engaged because we weren’t that close yet. We were OK. But to think, what if I’m not part of that wedding? Like, that was crazy to think,” Doute adds in her interview with Bravo.

Of course, Kristen Doute strongly believes that Tom and Katie will last in the long run even though she hasn’t always been friends with the couple. They recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live together, where the audience was asked about their possible marriage success. A shocking 83 percent of viewers didn’t think that they would last in the long run, but Kristen is convinced that they can overcome any hurdle. Plus, fans only see a small percentage of their lives together, which means that their friends see all of the positive and happy times.

“That was my No. 1 goal was making sure that this summer would be the best summer of her life, because I never want Katie to look back on the summer and think, ‘Wow, I wish I had been more present in planning my wedding and [focused] less on this drama,'” Kristen Doute explains about putting her friends first on their wedding day, adding, “So it was just great to see, even though there were definitely some stressful times throughout the whole summer, I think it could’ve been much worse had we not helped her along with that.”

What do you think about Kristen Doute having regrets about missing the proposal that Tom had staged for Katie?

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