‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 10: A Glimpse On Ducky’s Past

NCIS Season 14 Episode 10 gives us a glimpse on Ducky’s past and a bucket full of tears as the show returns from hiatus after Thanksgiving and endures waves of rumors about its alleged cancellation.

Fans of the popular American naval crime investigation series are still in shock after Michael Weatherly (Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Jr.) left the series to star on his very own show. Now, rumors are circulating online stating that Mark Harmon who plays NCIS main man Leroy Jethro Gibbs will also be leaving as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Even so, the show remains on top as it returns from Thanksgiving break to bring the audience to tears with Ducky-centric episode that presented an emotional take on the holiday season.

Those who have yet to watch NCIS Season 14 Episode 10 and do not want spoilers, be warned: The following paragraphs contain specific details about what happened in the episode.

According to Entertainment Weekly, NCIS Season 14 Episode 10 titled “The Tie That Binds” shows us a glimpse of Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s (David McCallum) past, particularly on her mother’s love life.

The episode begins with the usual introduction of the victim and how he died. In this case, the NCIS case victim is Captain Mason Green who apparently died after accepting a water bottle from a rideshare driver.

During the initial investigation, the team discovers that the dead naval officer is under probe for selling classified information overseas and that he had Ducky’s past address — the one where he lived with his mother.

While the team’s resident medical examiner denies any memory of meeting the victim, the incident triggered a flashback to the time when he discovered her mother naked under the sheets and a naked man named Balthazar Kilmeany (Charles Shaughnessy) hiding in their closet.

NCIS Season 14 Episode 10 then proceeds with the team probing the case which involved a visit to Ducky’s previous residence after Abby confirmed that the victim did visit Dr. Mallard’s past home.

During Special Agent Tim McGee (Sean Murray) and Alex Quinn’s (Jennifer Esposito) visit on the site, the duo discovers that the new residents in Ducky’s former abode were out of town though Mr. Rin — Dr. Mallard’s gardener — remained at the property to work for them.

McGee then recalls the neat feature on Ducky’s doorbell camera that sends footages from the property to the cloud and accessed it only to find out that the victim pulled up in the driveway with an unknown driver.

Ducky then gets another blast from the past which now involves his foe-turned-friend Angus Clarke (Adam Croasdell) to whom he seeks aid from in doing a background check on his mother’s new lover who turns out to be a conman. This is where things get interesting.

According to TV Guide, Victoria’s long-lost lover becomes a missing link to the murder case in NCISSeason 14 Episode 10. Apparently, Capt. Green was set up to take the fall in the case of selling classified information and hires a private investigator to determine who exactly is setting him up.

Green’s private investigator digs up the classified ad seeking the location of Balthazar Kilmeany that was put out shortly after Victoria’s death. Apparently, Kilmeany was the one who set up Green. Unfortunately for Capt. Green, he ended up biting the dust in his quest to seek the truth.

Meanwhile, Ducky is gripped with guilt for scaring away the love of her mother’s life. In a final flashback, Victoria weeps in front of Ducky, thinking that Balthazar abandoned her. Feeling the guilt set it, he invites her to live with him especially when she describes how happy she was with the conman.

What did you think of NCIS Season 14 Episode 10 that was aired on December 13?

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