Scheana Shay Slammed After Comparing Lala Kent’s Married Man Behavior To Her Own With Brandi Glanville’s Ex, Eddie Cibrian

"Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay

While Lala Kent continues to deny that she’s dating a married man, some of her Vanderpump Rules co-stars continue to insist that she is. One of them is Scheana Shay, who on Monday night criticized Lala for dating a married man and not feeling any remorse over it.

In a tweet, Scheana wrote that Lala should tell her boyfriend’s wife that she’s sorry. Scheana, referring to her own relationship with actor Eddie Cibrian when he was married to former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, added that at least she was woman enough to apologize to Brandi.

Unfortunately for Scheana, her tweet didn’t get a lot of responses backing her up. Instead of agreeing with Scheana, most of the viewers who left comments actually lashed out at her for even giving an opinion on Lala’s behavior. Many people called Scheana a hypocrite for criticizing Lala for dating a married man, if she is indeed doing so, when she herself dated a married man.

Many other people gave their opinion that Scheana didn’t eventually apologize to Brandi for going out with Eddie because she felt genuine remorse. They wrote that Scheana only apologized because her SUR boss, Lisa Vanderpump, told her to do so. Some people also gave their opinion that Scheana met with Brandi and apologized in order to kick off her own reality TV fame.

After Scheana posted her tweet and the latest Vanderpump Rules episode aired, Brandi posted a tweet that perhaps was directed at Scheana.

The very first episode of Vanderpump Rules opened with Scheana meeting with Brandi, who was then starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, at Lisa’s restaurant SUR to apologize for dating Eddie Cibrian during their marriage. Scheana tearfully maintained that she didn’t know that Eddie was married. Scheana implied that she was duped by Eddie, saying that he told her that he loved her, brought her diamonds, and took her on trips around the world.

Brandi Glanville didn’t exactly show Scheana any sympathy.

“Don’t cry, really. I lost my family. I lost everything that I had. So if anyone’s going to cry here, it’s not going to be you…Look at where you are in your life. I’m in such a better place. I win. You know what I mean?”

Since the start of Vanderpump Rules Season 5, Lala Kent has been accused by some of her co-stars of being in a relationship with a married man. Scheana Shay, Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute, and Stassi Schroeder have all made it clear that they believe Lala’s dating a married man who is buying her expensive gifts and funding her lifestyle. In one particularly tense scene, Katie questioned Lala about how she could otherwise afford her Range Rover car and pricey clothing. Lala defended herself by saying that her parents buy her things and pay her bills. While Lala continued to deny that she was dating a married man, Katie called her a “wh**e.” In other scenes, the other women have said that they have proof that Lala’s dating a married man.

On Monday night’s episode, Scheana added more details to the rumor. According to Scheana, the wife of Lala’s boyfriend was actually a friend of Lala’s. Scheana explained that the wife found out about the affair after discovering sexy texts between Lala and her husband.

Lala seemed ready to finally put the rumors to rest by arranging a lunch date with the two people who haven’t been completely hostile to her. Tom Sandoval told Jax Taylor and Scheana that he and Ariana Madix were going to have lunch with Lala and her boyfriend. Jax and Scheana expressed doubt that Tom and Ariana were actually going to meet Lala’s real boyfriend, voicing their opinion that Lala only dates rich, married men in order to fund her lavish lifestyle. They again pointed out that Lala is only a hostess but yet has expensive things like a Range Rover.

Unfortunately for Lala’s fans, they never even got a glimpse of Lala’s boyfriend. When the lunch date came around, Lala showed up solo. When Tom pressed for a name, Lala refused to say it.

In a later scene, Lala told James Kennedy that her boyfriend dumped her because he was tired of her taking out her stress over what was going on at SUR on him.

Hoping the Range Rover went back into the lottery pool #PumpRules #Tragic #BeepBeep

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Apparently, Lala and the boyfriend later got back together. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lala revealed in an interview last week that she’s still with the boyfriend who was the subject of so much scrutiny during filming. Lala maintained that her boyfriend’s not married but did reveal that he has a child. Lala also explained that she’s keeping her boyfriend’s identity a secret per the request of the child’s mother, with whom she’s good friends.

Will Vanderpump Rules viewers actually see Lala Kent prove Scheana Shay wrong by introducing her boyfriend later on in the season, or perhaps on the next season? It doesn’t seem so. On Tuesday afternoon, Lala confirmed to E! News that she left the show mid-way through filming the current season and won’t be returning for the next.

“My reasoning for leaving was I felt like it was too much of a negative impact on my day-to-day life. There was not enough good to outweigh the bad. I’ve also worked so hard on my talent as far as singing and acting goes, and no one has really recognized that. It’s just been a bunch of s**t-slinging. I just don’t care to be part of anything like that.”

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