Dog Poop DNA Tests: Entrepreneur May Have The Answer To The Not So Pretty Side Of Pet Ownership

Dog poop dna tests

Dog poop DNA tests may be coming to a neighborhood near you, and supposedly they have a real shot of solving the dog poop problem in America. Just ask Mark Guarino, aka Mr. Dog Poop, a do-it-yourself businessman who pioneered the company Mr. Dog Poop, Inc., which, believe it or not, is but a small part of a bigger trade that is steadily gaining steam in the U.S. and elsewhere.

A Circa journalist had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr. Dog Poop, who explained the lure of investing one’s life and money into dog poop DNA tests.

“‘Plenty of business can be very volatile. Industry changes, money changes, the economy changes,’ Guarino told Circa.

“‘The one thing we all know for sure is that tomorrow, millions of dogs are going to walk out their door and poop,’ he added.”

This is true. There are millions of dogs in America and they all poop, but sometimes they don’t do their business where they’re supposed to, which is where Mr. Dog Poop comes in. The appeal in Guarino’s DNA test lies in the belief that if a dog can be identified by the DNA in its poop, the person who isn’t cleaning up after their dog will be revealed and necessary action can then be taken.

Dog poop dna tests

In America, it’s not easy to find a place where leaving dog poop anywhere other than an appropriate receptacle isn’t against the law, and this is something Mr. Dog Poop mentions on the company website.

Nowadays, it’s no longer acceptable for people to allow the feces from their dog to sit in their own yard for an unnecessary length of time, and the reason for this is because the poop itself poses a health hazard.

If dog poop is left to sit, eventually it will get picked up by the rain and deposited into the water supply, which has the potential to cause big problems for the well-being of both humans and animals.

“Parasites and bacteria from dogs feces can be transmitted to humans when they use those waterways for swimming, fishing, boating or simply just stepping in a puddle of water that was in the path of dog poop runoff from someone yard.”

Florida has had major consequences due to dog owners failing to clean up after their pet. Dog excrement has threatened local wildlife, as when the state’s water supply soaks up canine poop, it biologically yields poisonous algae which has directly contributed to a rise in manatee fatalities.

Dog poop DNA tests are already being used in France, Israel, Germany, and Italy and Mr. Dog Poop has already made a name for himself in 32 of the 48 U.S. states he aspires to establish businesses in.

The company is based out of Tampa, Florida, where Guarino has set up a “dog poop DNA lab.” If you’re not a local, no problem. Landlords and property owners across the country can purchase their own testing kit to determine who among their fellow man is soiling the land by not cleaning up after their dog.

The problem of dog poop has been brought up before, Hollywood-style. The movie Envy, starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black, is about a close friendship that is tested to the limits after one of them (Black) hits it big with Vapoorize (vay-pooh-rise), a mist that, when applied to dog poop, makes it disappear.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a joke about the thrall of humans to attend to their dog’s poop. According to him, if aliens are looking down on Earth and trying to ascertain which species rules the planet, aren’t they going to come to the conclusion that dogs have precedence over humans after watching the latter hold the waste of the former?

Dog poop has become a human problem, and that’s why Guarino invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and solve it. Will dog poop DNA tests be the answer humanity has been looking for regarding man’s best friend? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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