Oklahoma Parents Arrested After Infants Found With Crawling Maggots And Feces, Mother Says She Is New At Raising Kids

Oklahoma parents of twin infants have been arrested after medical staff said the children looked like skeletons and were suffering from horrific infections, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Aisyln Miller, 24, and Kevin Fowler, 25, were arrested Saturday after they took their children to a care center. The couple was later picked up by police after staff there lodged complaints of suspected child abuse. The children were described as severely malnourished and stricken with diaper rash and bed sores.

They were later transferred to a local hospital,

According to nurses, one twin had an infected finger because a piece of hair had been wrapped around her finger and had never been removed. Nurses allegedly found feces in the baby’s ear. The other one reportedly had maggots crawling out of her genitals. A police sergeant described it as the worst case of child abuse he had ever set his eyes on.

The mother of the infants said she and Fowler were “new parents” and had no idea of how to take care of the newborns. Aisyln Miller added that the infants were born two weeks premature which according to her explained the rationale behind their condition. The 24-year-old revealed that she did not have health insurance and had no inkling of how to get her hands on reasonable healthcare. None of the infants had seen a doctor since birth.

Both adults are presently in a Tulsa jail and are being held on a $100,000 bond. Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff said it was obvious that the infants had been neglected, adding that two other children belonging to the couple were in better condition.

This is not the first time that a Tulsa couple would be arrested for child neglect. Another couple was arrested after putting their little daughter in a closet because she interrupted a video game, according to Tulsa World. Her father said the girl had thrown a tantrum and was throwing things all over the house.

Police arrested Melissa Nashburn, 26, and Daren Nashburn, 27, after a maintenance worker working the house found the 4-year-old girl huddled in a closet. According to reports, the worker found the child after shifting a bench that had barricaded her in the closet.

The girl was taken into protective custody along with her siblings aged five and one. Police said the children had been subjected to persistent abuse and that their 26-year-old mother had done nothing to protect them.

In another Tulsa case, two foster parents were arrested for physically and sexually abusing nine children under their supervised care. Police confirmed that the Department of Human Services had received a slew of complaints about Paul and Amy Sanders, but case workers were slow to remove the children from their home.

The nine children, aged between two and 15, were removed from their homes because of domestic difficulties and placed in the Sanders foster home. Their stay there turned out to be a living hell. Investigators say mice slept with the children on their plastic beds and they were not fed adequately by their foster parents.

The children were grossly underweight, indicative that they indeed been deprived of nourishment.In addition, the investigators said the residence reeked of urine. The necessities and comforts were practically non-existent.

Aubrie Thompson with the Tulsa police said it was saddening that the children escaped one form of hell only to be faced with something worse.

“That’s the part that really upsets me and makes this case so close to home. These parents signed up to help these kids and end the cycle of abuse, yet they’ve brought these kids into their home that’s far more traumatic.”

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