Kanye West Reportedly Upset About Kim Kardashian Cheating Rumors, Marquette King Told To Tone It Down

Kanye West is pretty unhappy about the most recent round of Kim Kardashian cheating rumors. Hollywood Life reports that this latest blow to his marriage is “the last thing” Kanye needs right now. Meanwhile, Marquette King, the center of those pesky cheating rumors, was told by his coach to tone it down on the field and that has many wondering how they feel about his antics off the field. Are the Oakland Raiders afraid of the Kardashian curse?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly furious with Kanye, who took off for New York City and a meeting with Donald Trump rather than resting. Kim thinks Kanye should still be recovering from his recent meltdown and that he shouldn’t be jetting all over the world. She would know, too, because Kim has been really low-key ever since the traumatizing Paris robbery and has been laying low in Los Angeles herself.

Even though the Kim Kardashian cheating rumors are still just rumors, the news seems to have really upset Kanye. Even though Kim has been by Kanye’s side while he recovers, that hasn’t stopped the eccentric rapper from suffering bouts of paranoia. Reading reports that Kim has been creeping around with Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King certainly hasn’t helped Kanye West to feel very stable just weeks out of the hospital.

“Having to hear rumors about Kim cheating is the absolute last thing Kanye needs right now,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Kim’s been amazing, but their relationship has been under a lot of strain in the past year. Having stuff like this thrown in his face is really hard on him. Kanye trusts Kim, but he also can’t help himself from getting a little jealous and insecure sometimes.”

A previous attempt to shut down the rumors about Kim cheating on Kanye claimed that the reality star is too busy to even sleep with her own husband, let alone someone else. However, that rumor sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster. If Kim and Kanye aren’t being intimate, wouldn’t that be the perfect time for someone else to creep in and mess things up?

In any case, Kim Kardashian has been pretty reclusive in recent weeks, and if Marquette King was in the picture, they would have been spotted in or around her house. Despite the Terez Owens report that Kim and Marquette are hooking up, it does seem like one big rumor that the gossip site started just to stir up trouble and it certainly worked. They even posted a follow-up recently to exclaim that the rumors are totally not true and that Kim doesn’t even know Marquette.

Marquette King didn’t seem to mind being romantically linked to Kim Kardashian even if she is married. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Marquette took to Twitter after the cheating rumors started to post a cartoon picture of himself drawing a big heart. The message on the tweet said, “#Rumors.”

King is known in the NFL for his outrageous displays on-field, with a recent celebration earning the Raiders a second penalty in just a couple of weeks. ESPN reported that the Oakland Raiders coach has already talked to Marquette King and told him to tone it down on the field. They don’t need any unnecessary penalties, especially when their punter is getting the team set back 15 yards at a time because he’s busy celebrating when he kicks the ball well.

Regarding his in-game celebrations, Marquette King said earlier this year, “I just do what I want.” Maybe that’s how this whole rumor about Kim Kardashian cheating with Marquette started. Hopefully, Kanye West can look past the rumors now that the site who started them has apologized.

[Featured Image by Eugene Gologursky/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]