Phaedra Parks Breaks Her Silence On Apollo Nida’s Engagement: Will New Wife Meet His Sons?

Phaedra Parks felt betrayed by her husband, Apollo Nida, when he decided to create fake companies with fake names after he was released from prison a few years ago. The IRS caught wind of his fake companies and charged him with fraud and identity theft. Even though he could have gotten legal advice from Phaedra Parks, who is a working lawyer in Atlanta, he decided to move forward with his companies. He was later found guilty and sentenced to eight years behind bars, and he has served two of those years. Phaedra eventually divorced him, as the trust is gone, but Apollo moved fast and he’s now engaged to another woman.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks has broken her silence in regards to Apollo’s new relationship. Cynthia Bailey has teased that viewers will get to see Phaedra’s reaction on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, as the news will break in Atlanta long before his engagement. Apparently, Nida had been dating this woman for six months, long before his divorce was finalized.

Even though Apollo and Phaedra Parks are no longer married, they do have to co-parent their two sons. Parks has only brought their sons to the prison one time, and it wasn’t a success story. Instead, she prefers that they speak to their father over the phone, where they can be safe in their own home.

“They talk to Apollo, so I don’t inflect any of my thoughts about it. They have a relationship with their dad, so we don’t have conversations,” Phaedra Parks explains about her relationship with Apollo and how her sons speak with their father, according to Bravo. “They speak to him themselves very regularly.”

When Parks heard about the engagement news going public, she merely said, “I wish him all the best.”

It’s clear that her focus is on her two sons, Dylan, who is 3-years-old, and Ayden, who is now 6. She has revealed that it takes a village to raise her two boys, as she’s a full-time lawyer working in downtown Atlanta. Plus, Parks is busy filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which includes cast trips.

“Well you know being a single mother is definitely a big responsibility because you are the sole provider of all the financial resources, in my case, but you are the parent [and] you’re the mom [and] you’re the dad,” Phaedra Parks explains to the Daily Dish about her relationship with Apollo, adding, “And as a woman I can’t be a dad cause I don’t have the genitalia and the mindset of a man, thank God. And so it’s important for me to not only be my best self, so that means that while trying to be an awesome mom I also have to take time out to make sure I’m taking care of myself personally so I can be happy. I can be stable emotionally and physically so that I can participate in all their activities.”

But it sounds like Phaedra Parks got some support in her mother and Nida’s parents, as the grandparents are helping her out. One can imagine they help out with babysitting and entertainment when Phaedra is busy with the show and her professional life. She may be putting her work first, as she now has to worry about putting two children through college. And even though Apollo is engaged to a new woman, it doesn’t sound like this woman will be meeting his sons anytime soon. This may happen when he gets out of prison in a few years, but don’t expect Parks to set up a meeting between them.

“I’ve got two awesome parents who step in all the time. They’ve got uncles that come around all the time. My ex-husband’s parents are very helpful as well. So we spend time with them,” Parks revealed to Bravo.

What do you think of Phaedra Parks focusing on her sons during Nida’s engagement?

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