UFO Sighting: Did Someone Discover A Kardashev Type IV Civilization?

A UFO sighting that happened on Sunday could raise some eyebrows in the UFO research and scientific communities. A provocative video first reported on UFO Sightings Daily shows pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope and concludes with telescope footage from UFOvni2012. The latter part of the video (shown in full below) features footage from a telescope on Earth, and it purports to show a massive UFO on the edge of the Orion Nebula. What makes the video so provocative is that it could show what would probably be a Kardashev Type IV or V civilization.

What is the Kardashev Scale for civilizations, and how does it relate to this UFO sighting?

The Kardashev Scale is a method of determining how advanced a civilization has become through the amount of energy it consumes. On Earth, if we were to implement the Kardashev Scale at a planetary level, a Type 0 civilization would be primitive with technology and harness most of its energy from fires burning wood, peat, or charcoal. Likewise, a Type IV civilization would represent a global collective with multiple space elevators and magnetically-driven low-orbit conduits to service massive solar arrays in orbit that supply the power for the cultivation of undersea farming operations – and anything else we could imagine.

Michio Kaku, an internationally respected physicist, has said that the next 100 years will determine if the Earth can move up from being a Type 0 civilization according to Futurism’s discussion on the Kardashev scale.

Michio Kaku has referenced the Kardashev scale as a way to understand advanced civilizations. [Image by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]

This UFO sighting is reporting a craft, or whatever something this huge would be designated since no precedent exists, that would be a UFO at least 100 times larger than Earth. For perspective, the UFO in the movie Independence Day caused slight tremors on the moon as it approached. The UFO in this sighting, if on a similar trajectory as the craft in the movie and in possession of Type IV technology, would likely have obliterated the solar system on its path inbound.

How would a Type IV civilization interact with humans?

First, if the UFO from this sighting were approaching Earth, interaction would be a moot argument. It’s not that humanity would be a virtual “bug on the windshield,” it’s that the solar system would. But if one were to assume, optimistically, that such a civilization would send smaller UFOs ahead of it, then one could assume to gather information from a UFO sighting. The problem is, how much would that matter?

Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, speculative fiction writers and futurists who wrote in the Soviet era in Russia, discussed a very likely scenario for a UFO sighting of this type in their book Roadside Picnic. In that book, a visit from one highly-advanced civilization completely changes the course of human history, but not in a narcissistic way. The UFO that arrives in the book carries aliens oblivious to, or unconcerned with human civilization. Succinctly, they stop by Earth for a picnic on the way to somewhere else and leave chaos in their wake. Hopefully, this UFO sighting is not a precursor to something that awful.

Humans would be puny to a Type IV civilization. [Image by NASA/Getty Images]

What are the problems with this UFO sighting?

Among several, two major concerns arise that could call into question the conclusions that this is a massive object. Both of those concerns involve measurable anomalies but must first be addressed to authenticate this data. The first is the sighting in the Hubble photo. There are any number of optical explanations that could explain this, not least of which is debris in the equipment or photo field. It could be a giant UFO in the Orion Nebula, or it could be a fleck of debris on the lens, or just beyond it.

The second serious concern in this sighting involves the light source needed to illuminate a giant UFO in that image. Only two options exist. It is either that an external light source provides that image or an internal light source does. If the light source is external, then one has to try to explain where the light source is. The scale is off on this UFO because the star in the image directly beneath the UFO would need to be magnitudes larger than the image shows to light the UFO.

This UFO sighting video could just be a confusion based on depth perception optical illusions. If the light is driven by an internal source, humanity hasn’t developed the imagination to conceive of that possibility yet. If this is a Type IV civilization UFO, we’ll need the imagination to merely cope with that UFO, much less interact with it.


The video will need analysis to sort out these concerns. That said, the concept and the video do spark the imagination and warrant these discussions. The world has gotten smaller, and it seems at times the same is true of the universe. But if these dedicated UFO hunters and scientists continue to watch the night skies and make these kinds of discussions possible, human imagination may expose a universe larger and more implausibly bizarre than we could dream of now.

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]

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