Kanye West, Donald Trump Meet In NYC At Trump Tower: What Did Rapper And President-Elect Discuss?


Kanye West met with Donald Trump in New York City on Tuesday morning at Trump Tower. The rapper arrived at the high-rise with a full entourage to see the president-elect, The Hill reports. Trump spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, confirmed that West and Trump had a meeting, but the nature of their visit wasn’t revealed.

While it’s unknown what the reason was for Kanye West meeting Donald Trump, the musician has openly declared supporting the president-elect and has proposed the idea of running for president himself in 2020.

TMZ released a report stating that the meeting between Kanye West and Donald Trump had been an event they planned a while. Kanye purportedly requested the meeting, and Trump said, “Why not?”

The report notes that the two “go way back” and have a “mutual respect” for each other. Their meeting at Trump Tower lasted 15 minutes. Kanye’s creative director, Eli Linnetz, and his camera crew were part of the entourage.

It appears in a tweet seen below that Ivanka Trump may have also been in the meeting. She was seen getting off the elevator after her father and Kanye.

When Kanye West was on his way to meet Donald Trump, he didn’t respond to questions. After their 15-minute meeting, the two were downstairs in the lobby and posed for photos. Kanye only told reporters that he went there to take a photo with Trump.

Donald Trump said he and Kanye West are “just friends” and “we discussed “life” in their meeting. At the end, Trump said, “so long, man…see you soon.”

The timing is ironic for West to do something like this considering the heavy press he’s been getting for a suffering a mental breakdown. He just spent two weeks in the hospital for exhaustion and having to be stablilized after exhibiting signs of erratic behavior. Reports this week reveal he’s in New York City to find a good shrink on the east coast. Members of his “medical team” joined him for the flight to Manhattan to find a good go-to psychiatrist for whenever he’s in town. Evidently, a visit to Donald Trump was on the itinerary.

TMZ asked a Secret Service official about the threat status Kanye West may have posed given the fact he was on an involuntary psychiatric hold recently. The official assured that West had security clearance and wasn’t considered a threat to the president-elect.

“Personal problems that Mr. West is working through does not establish him as a security threat to President-elect Trump,” the official said.

The Secret Service official shared that Trump’s staff made the final decision to give Kanye the all-clear.

Kanye West, Donald Trump
Donald Trump ultimately gave Kanye West security clearance to meet with him on Tuesday at Trump Tower in New York City [Image by Seth Wenig/AP Images].

Does this meeting signal the possibility that Kanye West might perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration in January? Since a large string of today’s most popular musicians are notoriously Democratic, it leaves only a handful of stars who’d be selected to appear at what may be the most-watched U.S. presidential inauguration in history.

[Featured Image by Seth Wenig/AP Images]