Jax Taylor Slams Lala Kent After Quitting ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ Calls Her ‘Desperate’

Jax Taylor has been speaking his mind on this season of Vanderpump Rules, and he recently revealed that he’s not happy with the way James Kennedy and Lala Kent have acted on this season of the show. While James was fired for being drunk at work and speaking harshly to Lisa Vanderpump, Kent is actually doing her job at the restaurant. While she may say and do things outside of work that don’t sit well with Taylor, it sounds like Jax wants them both gone from both the show and the restaurant.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he doesn’t understand Lala’s strategy when it comes to Vanderpump Rules. Yesterday, rumors surfaced that Kent had quit Vanderpump Rules half-way through the season and had possibly quit her job at SUR. And yet, Lala was promoting a new episode of Vanderpump Rules on Twitter, which was confusing to Jax Taylor.

“You gotta give it to the girl, she still promotes our show even though she’s not on it anymore #Desperate #SheDoesntEvenGohere,” Jax Taylor tweeted last night as the newest episode of Vanderpump Rules aired, addressing rumors that Kent had quit the show in the middle of the season because she didn’t want to deal with her co-stars’ drama anymore.

Jax didn’t have the answers when it came to the rumors about Kent. It sounds like Taylor had heard the same rumors about Lala quitting that viewers were reading, and he may have thought that she was indeed quitting the show. And while Jax Taylor called his co-star desperate for making it a big deal that she was leaving the show, people started coming to Kent’s defense. Many viewers understood where she was coming from, as many people from Vanderpump Rules had been saying mean things about her.

“I just read an interview with LALA saying she leaves mid season, but we will see her again, my guess would be a different show?” one person replied to Jax Taylor, adding later in a separate tweet, “also she doesn’t want to be around the other cast members, so she removed herself. It was on TMZ on here.”

Maybe Taylor had no idea that Lala was quitting the show, as they don’t really film any scenes together. While they do work together — Lala works as a hostess and Jax works in the bar — they don’t necessarily cross paths very often. And while Taylor isn’t reaching out to Lala to get clarification himself, Kent is tweeting some thoughts out to her followers so they know where she’s coming from.

“This is when you know you have a down a** b***h. Any of the women I mess with would do the same damn thing. Then comes the sweetest ending,” Lala Kent tweeted last night when Vanderpump Rules was airing, sharing that she was tired of being the victim of her cast members’ bullying, adding later, “Babes, a new episode of LalaRules airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c & most importantly a new episode of American Daddy airs tonight.”

It sounds like Jax Taylor has a point about Lala as she did promote the show last night even though she supposedly quit. However, she was on last night’s episode, where she talked about how the Orlando shooting had affected her. Plus, she revealed that all of the gossip and rumors from her co-stars were affecting her relationship.

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s tweets where he calls Kent desperate? Do you think she’s desperate to stay in the spotlight even though she has quit the show?

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]