Macaulay Culkin Reportedly ‘Falling Apart’ Without Mila Kunis, Wants Her To Break Up With Ashton Kutcher

Macaulay Culkin is reportedly falling apart since he lost the love of his life in Mila Kunis, and, even though she and Ashton Kutcher are now in a serious relationship, Macaulay is reportedly willing to fight to win her back.

The Home Alone star has been reportedly in a downward spiral since Mila Kunis broke up with him a few months back. Reports from late this summer said that Macaulay Culkin was caught in a dangerous addiction of heroin and prescription painkillers, with friends worried that he would be dead within six months if he couldn’t pull out of it.

Reps for Macaulay Culkin would go on to contest those reports, saying that the former child actor was not addicted to heroin. Culkin, who had been seen looking unhealthy and dangerously thin, started to look better as time passed and was focused on opening an art exhibit in New York.

But his heartache has apparently not subsided. As Star magazine (by way of Jezebel) reported, Macaulay Culkin has reached out to Mila Kunis to tell her that he’s falling to pieces without her. Culkin also reportedly told Mila that she needs to dump Ashton Kutcher and get back together with him.

As Celebrity Dirty Laundry speculates, Macaulay Culkin must be taking it extra hard to see Mila Kunis now dating her longtime co-star of That ’70s Show.

If word of the Macaulay Culkin heartbreak is true, he would not be be the only ex-lover left with hurt feelings from the Mila Kunis-Ashton Kutcher relationship. Demi Moore is reportedly crushed over the end of her marriage to Ashton, as she was left embarrassed by his public cheating scandal and fast-moving relationship with Mila Kunis.