‘RHONY’ Tinsley Mortimer Using ‘Real Housewives’ To Rebrand Herself After Arrest

The newest addition to Real Housewives of New York is socialite Tinsley Mortimer, 40, who wants to use the Bravo show to rebrand herself after some bad choices led to her arrest earlier this year in Florida. Friends say that Mortimer is using the show as a vehicle for some form of redemption. Mortimer’s life at one point seemed golden, but things got turned upside down somewhere along the way.

Tinsley Mortimer is replacing Jules Wainstein on RHONY after Wainstein was fired from the Bravo gig, according to a previous report by the Inquisitr. In her first season on Real Housewives, Jules Wainstein saw her marriage to Michael Wainstein crash and burn publicly, as he reportedly has been cheating on Jules. The couple is now in a public divorce battle in and out of court, hurling accusations amidst calls to the police and restraining orders. The Wainsteins have two children that they both are seeking custody of.


PageSix says that Tinsley Mortimer is hoping for a redo on the reputation front by doing Real Housewives of New York. Mortimer is said to believe that she was just the “innocent victim of bad romances.” Now she has decided that she will punctuate her move back to Manhattan by joining the shark tank of RHONY.


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PageSix referred to Tinsley as the “top Manhattan socialite turned Palm Beach hot mess,” who was arrested in April for trespassing on the property of her sometimes boyfriend, sugar heir Alexander “Nico” Fanjul, 30. The incident came complete with a mugshot that was rather unflattering. This led to the unveiling of an allegedly abusive relationship history with Fanjul that his mother denies, calling Mortimer “insane.”


An insider says that now, Mortimer wants to get her life back on track.

“She is using the show to plot a comeback and ‘get the truth out there.’ Tinsley knows she’s made some wrong choices, and fallen for the wrong men, but once again she’s back, she’s single, and looking for love. But while once her life seemed to be coated in gold, now things are a struggle.”

But lawyers for Fanjul are going to be watching RHONY to make sure Mortimer’s confessions about hitting rock bottom aren’t going to point fingers, alleging he abused her.

“She has to talk about how she hit a low. This is her comeback story.”

Harper’s Bazaar said that police were called to Fanjul’s residence “no fewer than four times” for violent arguments over the course of his three and a half year relationship with Tinsley Mortimer. But Tinsley says that her arrest in April is the best thing that could have happened to her.

“You lose yourself, you get so caught up in this thing and this other world and this life. Being arrested saved my life, just giving me an opportunity to understand the good in my life.”


But Mortimer said that she left New York for Palm Beach, and now she is ready to return to the place she calls home, as it is where all of her true friends are.

“My friends are here, my life is here, and I just want to get back to it. I walked away from it, and I want it back. And I think I deserve it back. I miss it. And if I can go to some fun events again and wear big glam dresses, I’m not going to be opposed to that. I don’t even know if that still happens up here anymore.”

Do you think that Tinsley Mortimer will be a good fit on RHONY?

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