Bravo Fires Jules Wainstein From ‘Real Housewives’ Amidst Divorce Drama

Poor Jules Wainstein cannot catch a break this week. After getting her requested spousal support amount slashed, she has now officially been fired by Bravo after one season on The Real Housewives of New York.

Usually, bringing big time drama to the show is a guarantee of an invite for a second season, but that is not the case for Jules Wainstein, whose pending divorce from the diminutive Michael Wainstein will no doubt be very ugly. Michael Wainstein has hinted that he has some nasty dirt on his estranged wife.

The unhappy couple continued to live under one roof until the police got involved and suggested that Michael Wainstein pack his bags and make the final move out. The new RHONY couple were unraveling at the end of the season, as rumors emerged that Wainstein was stepping out with a woman who was also married, according to The Inquisitr. Jules Wainstein told police that she felt unsafe, and felt that

Jules Wainstein told police that she felt unsafe, and felt that the young children were also unsafe. The vibe on RHONY was that Michael Wainstein seemed disinterested in caring for his children, which will be an uphill battle if it’s true that he is trying to get custody of the kids.

This week’s court date of Wainstein vs. Wainstein got ugly and petty when Michael Wainstein insisted that the $200 in grocery money each week go directly to the nanny instead of giving it to Jules. Per Page Six, Michael Wainstein’s lawyer is insisting that Jules isn’t feeding the children properly, hence the control of the grocery funds.

“We want to ensure that there is proper food in the home for the children. The nanny is fully familiar with what the children eat.”


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The judge said that Jules Wainstein would get the money, not the nanny, but he also suggested that she keep receipts to prove the money went to groceries for when Michael challenges her again. Now that Bravo has axed Jules from RHONY, her monthly child and spousal support payments will be even more critical. For now, the judge gave her $10,000 a month, though she had asked for $25,000.

But Michael Wainstein, through his attorney claimed that even $10,000 would be impossible due to a recent reversal of fortune.

“My client’s businesses have suffered tremendously from the publicity of this case. He’s got outstanding receivables. He’s got judgments against him. He doesn’t have a monthly income at the moment.”

Jules Wainstein, whose lawyer Allan Mayefsky also repped RHONY Bethenny Frankel in her divorce, is calling foul on Michael Wainstein’s claims of newfound poverty. Since the marriage started fraying, it is alleged that Michael Wainstein bought a Brownstone, where he is said to be living with girlfriend Elyse Bensusan. Mayefsky says that Michael Wainstein needs to provide tax returns or some paperwork to show that there has been a change in financial status.

“There has been a lifestyle that was lived until this divorce proceeding, and then suddenly the bills were not paid.”

Reality Tea is suggesting that Jules Wainstein is not returning to RHONY because she is removing herself from the fray to deal with her personal life and to make sure her children are healthy and happy, away from the public eye. Bethenny Frankel was critical that Jules Wainstein joined RHONY because her marriage was already crumbling in order to secure some financial independence, but whether that’s true or false, watching the uncomfortable interactions between Jules and Michael has been at least curious to audiences.

Perhaps at some point, there was chemistry between the Wainsteins, but since they started on RHONY, it is hard to even imagine them as a couple, as they seem ill-fitted. E! News is reporting that officially, Jules Wainstein will not return to RHONY, but might make an appearance here and there as a friend of the ladies.

“Jules is going through a divorce and is putting her family first.”

Do you believe that Jules Wainstein chose to leave RHONY or do you think she was fired?

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