Jamie Dornan Sticks By Wife Amelia Warner As He Tests Dakota Johnson In ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Trailer

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson just saw the second trailer for their upcoming Fifty Shades Darker. In it, there are a lot of seduction, psychological tests, and secrets, but in reality, things are a lot simpler than in the movies. Jamie Dornan still has his eyes on his wife of almost four years, Amelia Warner, and Dakota Johnson is still keeping it down low with her public appearances.

But in Fifty Shades of Grey fan’s fantasies, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson will always be the couple that got away. With the new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker whetting the appetites of the eager followers around the world, the fictional couple is back on the radar.

Check out fans celebrating the actors that portrayed the infamous Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in the films.

The new trailer reveals that things are as complicated as ever between Ana and Christian. It reveals that they are back together, but things get more and more sinister as they delve back into their relationship.

“The couple then do a lot more than talk in the trailer, which sees an escalating romance with plenty of steamy scenes, a masquerade ball and shadowy figures from Christian’s past emerging,” reports Variety.

But that doesn’t mean that things have to be complicated in real life! In fact, Jamie Dornan is keeping his life as simple as he can by sticking closely by his wife and mother of two daughters, Amelia Warner.

“Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner made a date night out of the British Independent Film Awards in London on Sunday night,” reports Daily Mail.

“The duo – who tied the knot in 2013 and have two daughters together – looked loved up as they attended the star student event at Old Billingsgate near the Tower of London. Keeping things casual, 34-year-old Jamie ditched the tuxedo in favour of a relaxed chino and t-shirt combo.”

Since she just had two babies in three years, she made the smart decision of wearing a loose maxi dress that showcased her tall frame.

He is showing signs of wanting to move on from Fifty Shades of Grey franchise, pointing out his work in other mediums whenever he can.

“He achieved worldwide fame playing Christian Grey in the hit blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey, but Jamie Dornan has admitted that he would rather be recognised for his TV work on the acclaimed drama The Fall,” reports RTE.

“I guess there’s a part of me that wants to be recognised for something like my TV show work,” he said in the interview.

“The Fall is so engrossing and I threw myself so hard at this project. I get so deep into the heart of this terrible person.”

He also reduced any kind of mysteries about his life with his wife by admitting that his sex life is not as racy as Christian Grey’s.

“No. I’m not into that,” he said to News.com.au.

“My wife isn’t either. It’s funny. Obviously there’s a huge market for it, a lot of people are into a certain type of sex but I am just not one of those people. It doesn’t interest me at all. So, I don’t think those roles have had any influence over our sex life.”

Dakota Johnson is keeping even more quiet than her Fifty Shades co-star. She recently deleted all, but one, pictures on her Instagram and have not been seen in public ever since she was featured on Vanity Fair with her mother and grandmother, who are also Hollywood actresses.

“The three generations just made me think about Mom, born in 1930, and me, in the 50s, and Dakota, in the 80s,” Melanie said according to Vanity Fair.

“The progression of life is really beautiful.”

Tippi Hedren, Dakota’s grandmother, also mentioned that acting is the last thing that they talk about.

“No, we never even talk about it,” Tippi said. “Isn’t that interesting?”

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[Featured Image by Joel Ryan/AP Images]