‘Love & Hip Hop New York’ Stars Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris Aren’t Married, And The Real Reason Has Nothing To Do With Child Support

Yandy Smith was recently outed for faking her marriage to Mendecees Harris in order to keep his baby mamas out of her pockets while her fake husband is in prison. The decision didn’t go over well with Love & Hip Hop New York creator Mona Scott-Young, most likely because VH1 footed the bill for the lavish wedding. Now, the LHHNY star is speaking out about her decision to keep things unofficial, and she says that a lack of paperwork doesn’t take away from her devotion to her man.

On Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop New York, Yandy Smith was targeted by Mendeecees Harris’ baby mamas. Both Samantha and Erika have taken jabs at Yandy as she tries to hold the family together in Mendeecees’ absence.

Everything isn’t what it seems, though, because Yandy was keeping a secret about her marriage, and now the cat is out of the bag. It turns out that Yandy and Mendeecees plotted to actually not get married even though they had a huge ceremony complete with VH1 cameras.

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The original reason given for Yandy’s marriage side-step is child support. With Mendeecees in prison, Yandy didn’t want Samantha and Erika hitting her up for money or taking her to court to pay Mendeecees’ fair share while he is locked up.

On the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, Yandy told Kimbella that she wasn’t actually married.

“I have a union with Mendeecees, but I did not go into a partnership with Mendeecees and the government,” Yandy explained.

What wasn’t complete was the marriage license, and according to reports, a key signature was left off the paperwork. Now, Mendeecees and Yandy’s marriage is not legal, but they are reportedly taking steps to fix that.

A source close to Yandy is speaking out, and it sounds like child support (or dodging child support) was not a part of her plan. Instead, the Shade Room is reporting that they have a source who would like to clear up the rumors about Yandy and Mendeecees.

“They couldn’t send their marriage certificate off because Mendeecees’ plea deal had not yet been finalized,” the source told the Shade Room. “They have re-registered, though, so the marriage will be finalized soon.”

The real reason for Yandy and Mendeecees faking their marriage is supposed to come out in a later episode of Love & Hip Hop New York. It was reported earlier by the Inquisitr that when the show’s creator, Mona Scott-Young, found out that the pair weren’t actually married, she was pretty upset about the situation. It looks like neither Yandy or Mendeecees communicated their intention to not actually get married before VH1 paid for the huge Memorial Day Weekend wedding special.

Perhaps there is just the added benefit of not being financially responsible for Mendeecees’ other kids. Right now, there are rumors that Samantha doesn’t even have custody of Lil’ Mendeecees. It’s already known that when his dad wasn’t in jail, he lived with Yandy and Mendeecees.

Since Mendeecees went to prison, his older son went back to live with his mother, but it turns out that her mom Kim has been doing most of the child-rearing. Even then, neither of those women are letting Lil’ Mendeecees live with Yandy while his dad is not around even though she has asked to see him and have him over many times.

Yandy has made the argument that Samantha’s son needs to be around his siblings right now. After his dad headed off to prison, Samantha removed her son from Yandy’s house, so Lil’ Mendeecees not only lost his dad, but he also lost his brother and sister too.

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