Alberto Del Rio Beats Up ‘Ninja Turtle’ Wrestler: Former WWE Star Allegedly In Backstage Brawl Over Paige

It may sound unusual, but the latest controversy surrounding former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio suggests that the wrestler, who competes outside of the company as Alberto el Patron, got into a brawl this weekend with a wrestler dressed up as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Not surprisingly, the alleged backstage fight was over Del Rio’s girlfriend, WWE women’s wrestler Paige.

The relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige has been fraught with controversy since it first became public earlier this year. In Del Rio’s final weeks in WWE, the couple was suspended almost simultaneously for violating the company’s Wellness Policy, and prior to that, rumors had swirled about WWE putting the two in separate brands in an effort to break them up. The Inquisitr reported in July that Alberto and Paige were both unhappy about the move, with Del Rio particularly upset about his creative direction. Two months and two Wellness Policy sanctions later, Del Rio was out of WWE, with Paige remaining in the company and nursing injuries.

Aside from those controversies while Alberto Del Rio and Paige were both in the same company, there was also the stabbing incident in September, and Del Rio missed a show in Mexico as a result. In October, Del Rio shed more light on the story behind the stabbing, telling TMZ that he was reacting to the attacker allegedly disrespecting his girlfriend. And now it would seem that Alberto is at it again, reportedly defending Paige’s honor in a backstage incident at an IWRG (International Wrestling Revolution Group) show in his native Mexico.

A report from LuchaBlog related an incident from the show that a lot of people “were really talking about” afterward – Alberto Del Rio allegedly beating up a “Ninja Turtle.” Del Rio and Paige were reportedly at the event in support of Alberto’s brother Guillermo, with Alberto posing with fans and wrestlers for photos.

After enjoying a seat in the owner’s box during the show, he then went backstage, which was where the trouble supposedly began with the wrestler dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles member Raphael. The report suggests that Alberto Del Rio and Paige were both drinking before the brawl took place.

“At some point, (Del Rio) went back stage [sic], and got into to a fight with Ninja Turtle Rafy (aka Alan Xtreme.) It’s unclear what caused it – the story going around is Alberto thought Rafy touched him or Paige and things just very much escalated from there. A brawls in a wrestling locker room is probably not all that uncommon, but the brawl took them out of the locker room and into the hallway that connects to the main arena floor. Plenty of fans heard what was going on and saw what was going on. Between fans who saw and other wrestlers were livid at what happened, the story made it way out on to Facebook pretty quick.”

LuchaBlog added that after the supposed fight with Alberto Del Rio, Ninja Turtle Rafy was “very marked up and in bad shape,” although the wrestler was said to be in stable condition. The report also stated that the members of IWRG’s Ninja Turtles stable, Rafy included, are shorter and smaller than Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio's girlfriend Paige has just returned from her second Wellness Policy suspension. [Image by WWE]
Alberto Del Rio’s girlfriend, Paige, has just returned from her second Wellness Policy suspension. [Image by WWE]

Rumors behind the scenes also hint that this isn’t the first time this month that Alberto Del Rio has defended Paige and gotten into arguments or fights over it. A Spanish-language report from Super Luchas cited by Cageside Seats states that Del Rio and TNA wrestler Robbie E were involved in a “jealousy-inspired backstage argument” at a World Wrestling Council show in Puerto Rico.

As of this writing, Alberto Del Rio has yet to comment on the alleged backstage brawl. Paige, meanwhile, has just returned from her more recent 60-day Wellness Policy suspension, although she remains unable to compete due to injury.

[Featured Image by WWE]