December 12, 2016
'This Is Us' New Episode: When Will The Hit NBC Show Return?

Fans of the hit NBC show This is Us have probably noticed that there won't be a new episode airing this week. So when will the next This is Us new episode air, and what can we expect?

According to the latest report from Bustle, the next This is Us new episode won't air until well into the new year -- more specifically, on January 10th, 2017. And though this specific date hasn't been confirmed, yet, by NBC, Bustle suggests that when the show returns, it will keep the audience "on its toes" more than ever before.

More specifically, it will answer some of the burning questions that many viewers had. We'll recall that, in the last new episode of 2016, Toby was seen getting wheeled into the hospital after suffering what looked to be a heart attack during the Pearson family's annual Christmas get-together at Randall's house. The question remains to be seen: did Toby survive Christmas dinner with the Pearsons?

But there are other questions that Bustle dares to ask, as well. For example, the biggest question on everyone's mind is, how did Jack die? We'll recall that, in the present, Jack is shown as being deceased. We'll also recall that he died sometime when "The Big Three" were in their teens and that he currently resides in an urn at Kate's house. So how did Jack die, and when?

But The International Business Times UK suggests that we'll get the answers to the question of Jack's fate in the next This is Us new episode.

The outlet sat down with Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack on the show, and he confirmed that Jack's fate would be revealed in the next episode of the show, titled "The Right Thing To Do."

"It's going to hurt. It's going to hurt real bad. It's going to crush you!"
Milo further went on to say that we'll also know the fate of Toby in the newest episode. Unlike Jack's death, Toby's fate will be quickly revealed. However, Milo's co-star Chrissy Metz doesn't seem to know what happened to her on-screen boyfriend, because she told the outlet that everyone on the cast is "praying for Kate, that's for sure!" and pointed out that nobody wants Toby to die.And, in People Magazine's latest report about the latest This is Us new episode, Milo Ventimiglia -- who talked to the outlet at last night's Critics Choice Awards -- discussed how much he loved his job, and how much he hates when the end of the day comes. However, he also pointed out that the show makes him "sad" whenever he has to leave because he has fallen in love with both his character and the characters his co-stars play.
"These characters are so rich and wealthy of humanity and story that you want to be with them all the time."
Mandy Moore, who plays Milo's on-screen wife Rebecca, agreed with his assessment of the show and echoed his sentimental feelings.
"I cry, pretty much every episode, without fail. We're just in one storyline and one portion of the story, so to see everybody else's work is pretty overwhelming."
Mandy Moore and Chrissy Metz were both recently honored with Golden Globe nominations for their work on the show.Will you be tuning in to watch the next This is Us new episode? Let us know your thoughts about what you think we can expect to the next This is Us new episode in the comments below.

[Featured Image by NBC]