‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 849: Carrot And Chopper Conquer Brulee’s Mirror World, Sanji Cooks For Pudding While Brooke And Pedro Face Big Mom’s Soldiers [Spoilers]

By confirming one of the popular theories about Carrot and Chopper in Chapter 849 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece, mangaka Eiichiro Oda has ensured Luffy D. Monkey and his Straw Hats gang has at least one escape route. Still, Oda has added a few more interesting and emotional twists in the current chapter.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 849 spoilers/recap ahead]

The current chapter opens up with a private discussion between the Vinsmoke clan that’s presided by Judge Vinsmoke. When Niji asks where the soon-to-be married couple will live post their marriage, Judge exclaims the couple will have to reside on Germa. He adds that if they do not take the girl “hostage,” Big Mom would keep Sanji, and might start making demands in the future. He reasons that the Vinsmokes are dealing with a pirate. The Vinsmoke brothers aren’t worried about losing Sanji, but are excited they could soon get to torture and berate him again, just like they did when they were children.

The scene shifts to Brulee’s Mirror World. In the previous chapter, Carrot was being slowly lowered into a large vat of boiling “exquisite soup,” while Big Mom’s henchmen leered hungrily. The soldiers had tied Chopper in shackles, however, he was in his “heavy point.” As Chopper readies himself to slim down, Oda reveals that the real Carrot is hiding in the attic, while a frog that’s made to resemble her is the one that is being lowered in to the pot. The frog’s appearance was altered thanks to Brulee’s powers of the mirrors that reflected Carrot’s appearance on the frog.

Thinking of his attack strategy, Chopper counts 16 enemies in the room, and makes a mental note that Randolph, Brulee, the Noble Crocodile, and Diesel are the most troublesome. Even before Chopper can make his move, Carrot flings a rock at Randolph, who is holding the rope that’s lowering the frog looking like Carrot into the vat. As Randolph stumbles, Brulee assumes he is horsing around, but the former points out that someone is hiding in the attic. Taking advantage of the confusion, Carrot jumps down and hits the vat, toppling it on Brulee. With Brulee and the others getting scalded, pandemonium ensues, allowing Chopper to shift into “Brain Point.”


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Before anyone can save Lady Brulee, Carrot takes advantage of the wet floor and sends electricity cruising through the soup, electrocuting Big Mom’s henchmen. With three of the four powerful henchmen down, in a desperate attempt to alert Big Mom, Diesel starts to run. The henchman has the power to race through courtyards and hallways. He claims that once he attains speed, no one can catch him. However, before Diesel can speed away, Carrot pounces on him, and halts the former’s escape. Carrot simply covers Diesel’s eyes, obscuring his vision, and causing him to crash into the wall.

With Brulee’s magical Mirror World conquered, Carrot and Chopper now hold the power to travel anywhere on the Whole Cake Island. The Mirror World grants access to any region that has at least one reflective surface. While mangaka Oda hasn’t revealed yet, it is quite likely that the Mirror World could prove instrumental in aiding Luffy and Nami’s escape from the Prisoner’s Library. Perhaps Carrot and Chopper could pull out Pedro and Brooke as well.

The scene shifts to Sanji’s guestroom, where he accepts delivery of groceries and other cooking related items. Interestingly, Sanji appears disinterested about the news of “Male Mink and The Soul King” wreaking havoc, while “Cat Burglar” Nami and Luffy are being held prisoner. Black Leg is merely concerned about the fact that Lady Pudding never turned up at their lunch meeting. Sanji says he is going to cook something for Pudding because she might be feeling under the weather.

Meanwhile, Brooke is making light work of the “Barbarian Chess Army” in the Room of Offerings. After Pedro had agreed to be bait, the Jaguar Mink created quite a ruckus, and by dropping several bombs, defeated a lot of soldiers. Extending Pedro’s work, Brooke used his soul music to overpower the artificially animated soldiers of the chess army.

While Oda hasn’t specifically indicated, it is likely Brooke might have managed to reach the Road Poneglyphs. However, his heist is far from being successful because Big Mom approaches the Treasure Room, perhaps trapping Brooke in the very locker she had stored the poneglyphs. Meanwhile, Pedro is facing a huge army in one of the Whole Cake Chateau’s courtyards. As expected, the army is led by Baron Tamago, who reveals he is aware of the Jaguar Mink because his wounded left eye twitches every time the latter is near him. Interestingly, the same itching is experienced by Pedro.

Baron Tamago reveals that five years ago Big Mom had taken away 50 years of Pedro’s lifespan from him. Hence Tamago wonders why Pedro would risk losing his life by coming to Whole Cake Island. Pedro surprises Tamago by saying he has no intention of returning to his home country alive.

While Pedro is facing an increasingly difficult situation, back in the Whole Cake Chateau, a mysterious figure slowly stumbles across a dark hallway. Oda has revealed the mysterious figure is none other than Reiju Vinsmoke. However, he hasn’t revealed why she is slowly making her way through the dark alleyway, and why is she grievously injured.

Chapter 850 of One Piece manga is expected to be released without a break. Will Carrot and Chopper free everyone from Big Mom’s clutches? Will Brooke get away with the poneglyphs? Why is Reiju so badly wounded? Hopefully mangaka Oda reveals answers to these exciting questions in the upcoming chapter.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga]