‘Street Fighter V’: Season 2 DLC Brings Rage Quit Penalty Icon, Balance Updates Leaked Early

It looks as though Capcom is finally cracking down on rage quitters.

No doubt, we’ve all been exposed to individuals who don’t play fairly. Street Fighter V is one example of this, and players often circumvent the rules to retain the precious points racked up in Ranked Match. The issue has been plaguing the game for months, pushing some players to refrain from playing the mode. You’ll jump into a match, fight for your League Points, and wait with the fear that your opponent will take the easy way out. If you’re lucky, your adversary will accept the loss and give up the points. If you’re not, you’ll get the dreaded error screen and your beaten foe will get away with nothing to stop them.

With changes coming to Street Fighter V, rage quitters will no longer be able to go unpunished. Season 2 of the game is quickly approaching. In a report by GameSpot, it’s been noted that rage quitters will now be forced to sport an icon that identifies them as such. At bare minimum, Street Fighter V was nothing more than a “beta” of sorts. Perhaps this is one feature that will make it look more like a distinguished title, but its reputation is already on the rocks to some. Rage quitters will now be identified by what looks to be the head of death, and there will also be a League Points reduction for disconnecting in the middle of a match.

In addition to the identification of being a rage quitter and getting points deducted, players will be temporarily restricted in their matchmaking. While specifics have yet to be revealed on what these restrictions will be, Capcom is taking the proper steps to ensure that potential rage quitters are picked apart. Fan feedback is finally reaching the ears of developers, giving Street Fighter V a brighter future than what was originally thought.

Street Fighter V is also changing in major ways. Eventhubs has reportedly noted that many Season 2 balance changes have been found, though nothing is concrete at this point. Capcom is no stranger to bringing forth balance changes through its Street Fighter installments. While some players will be receiving buffs to make them stronger, others will be getting nerfed — softened — to give others a better chance at victory. Some of the more noticeable changes are the reduction of how meter is gained in Street Fighter V, as well as the special properties of special moves being lowered or heightened.

Do you love to throw out a Dragon Punch at random? The projected update will take away the priority on Shoryuken. Players will need to think more strategically. It also appears that defensive play will no longer be favored; white life regeneration in Street Fighter V is being lessened, and fighters will want to think twice about straying away from fighting back. Ultimately, there are tools and special moves that will need to be reconfigured in a player’s arsenal.

Capcom’s projected release date for DLC was December 20, though there are PC players who have already cracked files and begun to experiment. It should be noted that while the balance changes can be toyed with to an extent, it may not be the final result of Street Fighter V and the plan to make changes. If your favorite character feels different, it’ll pay off to stick with them until the official unveiling of Season 2 and the changes therein. Fans new and old will enjoy getting into the game, especially since there’s sure to be new learning for every fighter to brush up on.

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[Featured Image by Capcom]