‘Married By Mom And Dad’: Devin’s Wife Ursula Asks Him To Sign A Prenup [Video]

In the upcoming episode of TLC’s hit reality TV series Married by Mom and Dad, it seems like Devin Duggan has finally met his match. The former NFL star walked down the aisle and met his new wife, Ursula, at the altar during last week’s episode, and now reality is setting in for this newly-arranged couple.

The Married by Mom and Dad series features four singles that are asking their parents to find them a suitable spouse and set them up for an arranged marriage. After meeting Ursula, Devin’s parents were convinced that she would be the perfect match for their son. The 26-year-old former pro football player from Tampa, Florida, quickly got to work planning the couple’s wedding, a lush ceremony and reception which featured a Great Gatsby theme, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

But in a clip from the episode, Ursula quickly takes charge of the union just mere seconds after they seal the deal at the altar. She dropped a bombshell after sitting down with her new husband in a private room after the wedding ceremony and asked him to sign a postnuptial agreement, The Wrap reported.

“So, um, how do you feel about signing like a prenup?” Ursula asked flat-out.

“I think it’s, obviously the situation, it’s a smart move,” Devin told his new wife after a brief pause.

“I feel the same way, so I had a postnuptial agreement that I wanted to sign with you. It pretty much, it’s very general so I’m gonna go get that,” Ursula told Devin in the Married by Mom and Dad clip.

“So we literally just get back from walking down the aisle and my new wife Ursula hands me a prenuptial agreement,” Devin said his on-camera interview.

Still wearing her wedding dress and her veil, Ursula returns from another room holding a manila envelope filled with the paperwork for their postnup.

“It’s a fat paper load, I thought it was just gonna be one agreement. But I’m sorry, do you have time to do this right now?” Ursula asked as she walked back into the room and placed the paperwork on a table.

“I just think having a postnup is a good way to start an arranged marriage where you guys don’t know each other, protect yourselves in the event that he is crazy and just wants to get married to take my money,” Ursula revealed in her on-camera interview in the Married by Mom and Dad clip.

During Ursula’s meeting with Devin’s parents in a previous episode, she described herself as a “boss babe,” according to The Wrap. She explained that she is a businesswoman and she owns her own six-figure business that she built herself over the past two years. Understandably, she would want to protect herself from losing everything she worked so hard for if she and Devin were to divorce.

But Devin, who started a career in corporate sales after retiring from the NFL, agreed with his new wife. He signed the papers and once the deal was done, Ursula placed the documents back in her folder.

“So, we’re good,” she told her new husband and he nodded.

“I hope there’s not too many surprises like that around the corner — it’s the first day,” Devin told the cameras.

But Devin is also keeping a secret from his new wife. During last week’s episode, Devin revealed that he has a history with Brittany, the wedding planner he hired to plan his wedding to Ursula. Devin explained that he met Brittany on a dating app and the two spent a couple of wild nights together before he decided to join the show and have his parents choose his bride on Married by Mom and Dad.

Watch the clip below and be sure to catch the upcoming episode of Married by Mom and Dad, airing Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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