‘Married By Mom And Dad’: Devin Admits He Hooked Up With The Wedding Planner [Video]

On the latest episode of TLC’s hit reality TV series Married By Mom And Dad, former pro football player Devin Duggan is gearing up to walk down the aisle and marry someone he’s never met before. But there’s a catch — not only is Devin marrying a person that was chosen for him by his parents, he also hired a former fling to help him plan his wedding.

Devin is a 26-year-old from Tampa Bay, Florida. He’s a former NFL star who currently works in corporate sales and he’s one of the four new singles on Season 2 of Married By Mom And Dad. In a clip from the episode, Devin explained that his parents have found him a match and he’s already started planning the wedding. He hired a girl named Brittany as his wedding planner. But he also said that he’s experiencing anxiety from the fast-approaching ceremony, plus the fact that he doesn’t know who he’s marrying yet and on top of that, a hurricane is being predicted in the area.

“Some people say that’s good luck on a wedding day, I say you’re full of sh**, you just get your wedding rained on,” Devin told the cameras in the Married By Mom And Dad clip. He said that he was meeting with Brittany so that they could work out some last minute details before the wedding so that everything would be picture perfect for his big day.

A shot of his wedding venue featured gorgeous water fountains and Greek-inspired columns lining a walkway in an outdoor garden area, which included statues and sculptures.

Brittany, the wedding planner, was waiting inside at the ceremony area for Devin. They hugged hello and then started discussing the details of his upcoming nuptials. She asked Devin about his thoughts on the ceremony space so far and he said that it seemed kind of empty.

The space was vast and filled with white, featuring rows of arches decorated with string lights and a lush chandelier. A few chairs were gathered off to the side, facing the front of the room where the wedding ceremony would take place in front of a white curtain backdrop.

During her on-camera interview in the clip from TLC’s Married By Mom And Dad, Brittany explained that she and Devin spoke about his wedding theme, which is Great Gatsby-inspired with the colors red, black, and gold.

“Here’s your grand entrance right down the stairway,” she said, pointing to a red, carpeted grand staircase featuring black, ornate railings. “So you’re going to walk down here and you’ll go right to your sweetheart table, if that’s something you’re okay with.”

Devin agreed. Brittany asked if he thought his new bride would like the wedding he’s planning for them and he joked, saying that it would be all right if she doesn’t because he’s the trophy wife of the relationship.

“Why are you even doing it this way?” she asked bluntly.

“I think this opportunity gives me something to work forward. I mean, kind of, it makes myself be better for somebody else,” Devin said. “And I know I’ve been selfish and not the best person in the past so I’ve been trying to kind of just be a good boy.”

“I do think that it’s strange that Devin is marrying somebody that he’s just meeting, however who says that this isn’t gonna work out?” Brittany told the cameras.

“I just think that it’s time for me to settle down, I think everyone wants to eventually fall in love,” he said.

“As long as she doesn’t care that we have a past, then I think that we’re good,” Brittany revealed.

“Yeah, I mean do you think I should mention that I f**ked our wedding planner?” Devin asked Brittany. She laughed and suggested he find a better way to tell his new wife the news.

In the scene from Married By Mom And Dad, Devin explained that he met Brittany on the dating app Tinder and they spent a few nights together romantically, The Wrap reported. He said that they had fun together and he kept in touch with her, but now he considers her a good friend, which is why he reached out to her and asked her to help plan his wedding.

“Let’s hope she’s okay with me getting down with the wedding planner. It’s in the past, I’m a changed man now,” he told the cameras.

Watch the full clip below and be sure to tune into Married By Mom And Dad, airing Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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