Trump ‘Star Wars’ Boycott: After Rumor Of Re-Shoots That Were Anti-Donald Trump, Trump Supporters Issue Call For ‘Rogue One’ Boycott With Hashtag #DUMPSTARWARS

Is a Trump Star Wars boycott in the offing? As absurd as it might sound, ABC News reports that early Thursday some Trump supporters called for a boycott of the upcoming Star Wars Rogue One film, believing that there had been Rogue One re-shoots designed to make Donald Trump look like a racist.

Yes, some Trump supporters really do believe a major movie studio like Disney/Lucasfilm would jeopardize its profits by doing something like this. Between its own in-house films, as well as the ones it produces through Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney is making all the money in the world. And it’s safe to say that its current leadership doesn’t want that to change.

What Does the Studio Say?

As reported by NBC News, one of the film writers denies that re-shoots were done on Rogue One for the purpose of slyly introducing anti-Trump propaganda. But if they did slip in scenes maligning Trump, that’s exactly what you would expect them to say – especially if you wear a lot of tinfoil.

But more seriously – and it’s difficult to be serious with this topic – virtually all major studios carry out re-shoots on their movies after the initial shooting is over. In fact, they actually schedule and budget for such re-shoots long before the filming even begins.

So re-shoots on Rogue One would hardly be surprising. In addition to which, rumors – slightly more rational sounding ones than the Trump Star Wars boycott crowd produces – suggest that the re-shoots done on Rogue One were designed to lighten the mood. So unless Alec Baldwin shows up as a storm trooper doing a Trump impersonation, it seems Donald Trump supporters have nothing to worry about.

Trump Star Wars Boycott/PizzaGate Tie-In

As it turns out, the same Jack Posobiec who first tweeted this newly minted urban myth – with its accompanying #DUMPSTARWARS hashtag – about the vast left-wing Star Wars conspiracy also suggested that the Trump supporter who started firing in a Comet Ping Pong Pizza was actually an actor and that the whole thing was a false flag operation by the United States government to hide “the truth.”

And that particular wild-eyed theory evolved from another one that suggested that Hillary Clinton and Democrats were running a child sex slave operation out of the basement of said pizzeria. The gunman who ran into Comet Ping Pong Pizza and started shooting was himself there to find evidence of “the truth.”

Of course, “the truth” is that all of these endless conspiracy theories are eventually proven false. There were no children in the basement of the pizzeria. There was no basement either. But no suggestion – however outlandish – seems to be out of bounds for some Trump supporters, including the necessity for a Trump Star Wars boycott.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza parlor.
Comet Ping Pong Pizza parlor. [Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP)

For instance, Tea Party types were certain that Barack Obama was mobilizing troops to invade Texas on a given date. When this didn’t occur, it seemed to have no impact on their certainty that Obama and the United States government were up to something. In fact, conspiracy fanatics never seem to remember that their previous prediction didn’t pan out.

The same people also think that the killings at Sandy Hook were part of a left-wing conspiracy to get their guns. In fact, many of them don’t believe these killings actually took place. The eagerness with which thousands of Trump supporters have embraced the idea of a Trump Star Wars boycott is further proof that evidence isn’t really necessary for the conspiracy theory crowd.

As noted by CBS News, the fake news controversy of the last few weeks is a direct consequence of this endless flood of rumors and crackpot theories that are overwhelming and drowning out traditional media voices, as well as more rational, independent news sources from the Internet.

From the Trump Star Wars boycott nonsense to anti-Obama birtherism, people have somehow convinced themselves that the rantings of a total stranger on Twitter or Facebook is more valid, reasonable and believable than what they are being told by the so-called “mainstream media.” The problem is that critical thinking – the ability to weigh actual evidence instead of insinuations and innuendo – seems to have been thrown out the window.

[Featured Image by Lucasfilm]