George Clooney And Amal Clooney Heading Towards $300 Million Divorce? [Rumor]

George Clooney and his human rights barrister wife Amal have been the subject of rumors lately involving their marriage and the possibility that it is drawing to an end. The claims being made suggest that the marriage is rocky at the moment due to Amal wanting children while the notable actor is not ready for a family.

The latest from the tabloids includes a blaring headline reading “Amal and George divorce announcement! $300 million split rocks Hollywood!” blares the latest headline of OK! Magazine.

Economic Times relays the words of a source who allegedly spoke with the publication on the subject.

“Amal wanted kids, he didn’t. She’ll get his fortune and his Lake Como villa. While they love each other, they might be realising they want different things in life,” [the] source said, adding that the couple’s “growing divide” is allegedly due to a “long list of grievances” that have now brought the relationship “to a perilous crossroads. When George and Amal first got together, their friends thought they were a perfect match. But now some are expecting them to announce a split.”

Apparently Clooney has been “feeling the mounting pressure” to have children and did agree reluctantly to have a family in the future, yet the source adds that “he’s since backed away from that decision, and Amal is crushed.”

Additionally, George Clooney is antsy to move to the United Kingdom, seeing as he’s becoming impatient with Amal’s “taste for the high life,” and her high spending in the United States.

“As a result of all this conflict, the power couple are now living separate lives,” the magazine says, adding “Amal could make out like a bandit if they divorce.”

The Hollywood heartthrob, who previous to Amal was known for his eternal bachelor ways, married the human rights barrister in 2014, and the two have been the subject of pregnancy rumors prior to these new claims about a split. In the past, all rumors about the couple have been stamped out as false. It therefore seems that there is a good chance that this too is fabrication, yet the rumors of a divorce between Brad and Angelina had been tough to believe, and here they are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Clooney did share about having kids in May of 2015, as People shared, and past claims about George have indicated that he has been open to children, seeing as a source said back in 2015 that the Money Monster star seems to enjoy seeing his pals with their own little ones. Another source stated in July 2015 that Clooney shared he is ready for a family.

“[George] loves the relationships his friends have with their kids. [He] is ready for this step and he thinks that Amal will be a great mother.”

Since those remarks have been made about Clooney’s openness to kids, there was an influx of pregnancy rumors that followed, which has likely caused both he and Amal to refrain from speaking about children. What is known is how much George does respect what his wife does for a living and the impact she has on her clients’ lives. Currently Amal is representing Nadia Murad, who was held as a sex slave by ISIS members. Amal is seeking prosecution of all members of the extremist group. Inquisitr recently noted George’s words on the subject.

“You spend an afternoon with that young woman [Nadia], there’s no way you couldn’t stand up for her. She’s so brave. She’s the one who’s the bravest because she’s in the most dangerous [situation]. I think Amal’s decision to [represent her] was, of course, heroic.”

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