Legal Means That Can Still Make Hillary Clinton The Next U.S. President

Clinton’s defeat in the elections has left many political pundits and the general population in disbelief. Since the results were announced, several experts have tried searching for legal means that could still make Clinton, the next U.S. President. With the recent developments on the CIA front, the possibilities of that happening are far greater.

CIA Confirms Russian Interference

In a shocking revelation on Friday, the CIA confirmed that Russia had interfered in the U.S. elections. The intelligence agency further added that Russia interfered to help Trump win the election. The CIA confirmed the identity of individuals who were responsible for the hacked emails of Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

CIA confirmed that these state sponsored actors were responsible for providing the emails to WikiLeaks. A senior official said,

“It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected.”

This latest development has given some hope to the Hillary Clinton supporters. Over the past few weeks, Clinton supporters have been urging the Electoral College to vote for Clinton instead of Trump by becoming “conscientious” electors. Even if, that does not happen there is hope that Clinton can still become the U.S. president.

CIA’s confirmation of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential elections can give Courts legal right to install Clinton as the U.S. President. It is believed that once the Electoral College cast their vote, it would become impossible to stop Trump’s path to White House. However, a nearly decade-old court case can give some hope and legal resort to Clinton supporters.

In 1994, a federal district judge in Pennsylvania had ordered the winner of State Senate election be removed from the office, and the opponent fill the resulting vacancy. The reason for the ruling was confirmation of fraud in the elections.

Courts Can Intervene and Make Clinton the next US president
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The ruling ordered the immediate removal of Stinson, who had already taken office. His opponent was to be certified winner within 72 hours.

CIA’s confirmation of Russian interference came on Friday, but according to the Washington Post, Republican Mitch McConnel was already aware of the interference. In similar narrative elected officials in the Pennsylvania case had admitted that they were aware of the fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court had upheld the ruling of the lower court.

This means that Clinton can still become the U.S. President if the Courts decide to intervene. Inferring from the Pennsylvania case, there is some federal legal precedent that can allow courts to declare an election invalid if there is a confirmation of fraud or interference.

It can also be concluded that the fears of Clinton supporters that once the Electoral College votes Clinton cannot become the president are far fetched. Even after Trump assumes office, Courts have the authority to declare Clinton as the winner if Russian interference or any fraud is proved in the court. There is one more legal means that can see Clinton become the next U.S. president.

Hillary Clinton Can Challenge The Electoral College System

The final popular vote count was highly in favor of Clinton. The victory margin for Clinton over Trump was a massive 2,841,862 or a lead of 2.09 percentage points. This proves that Trump has won the election because of the intricacies of the Electoral College System.

Electoral College Votes
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Hillary Clinton can still become U.S. President by challenging the result of the election in the Supreme Court. As reported by The Medium, Mr. Lawrence Lessig and several other legal experts believe that election results defy the constitutionally enshrined principles of “equal protections” and “one man, one vote.”

Clinton can still become the U.S. president by using this legal means. Mr. Lessig, a Harvard University academician, cited a US Supreme Court made in 2000. A U.S Supreme Court was hearing a case filed by Republican lawyers to stop the re-count of votes to prevent the ouster of Mr. Bush. The decision by the court stated the importance of “equal protections, favor” and that can become the precedent in Clinton’s favor.

“Why are these big states standing by quietly as their voters are essentially silenced by the unconstitutional inequality?” he said. Mr. Lessig also believes that the Democrats are being “timid” and they should resort to legal means and see to it the Clinton can become the President of U.S.

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