February 13, 2017
Mitch McConnell's Wife May Have Link In Russia, Trump Election News

Could Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell get booted from office due to his alleged involvement with corruption related to the current Russia election scandal involving Donald Trump? Adding to the list of suspicious circumstances, Mitch McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, was named as a Trump cabinet pick soon after McConnell allegedly dismissed the Russian hacker investigation.

Despite strongly worded headlines that suggest otherwise, it is not currently clear if there is a link between Elaine Chao being picked for a cabinet position by Trump because of her husband, Mitch McConnell. It is also not yet clear if Mitch McConnell is guilty of any crimes related to accusations that McConnell had a position in covering up Trump's tracks with the Russia election scandal.

Also murky is whether Mitch McConnell is on the wrong side of the law with the Trump Russian hacker scandal, the wrong side of ethics, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Trump, Russia, and Mitch McConnell could have been co-conspirators
Mitch McConnell has been accused of being lenient when Trump's election was questioned in regard to Russia allegedly producing emails against Hillary Clinton. [Image by Aaron P. Bernstein/Stringer/Getty Images]

According to U.S. News, what the public does know is that Mitch McConnell has been a firm supporter of Trump, and stated on November 2 to his constituents in Kentucky at a rally that he wants Trump to be "the most powerful Republican in America."

According to the Associated Press, Mitch McConnell also told that same Georgetown Trump rally audience that "if America votes like Kentucky, we'll be fine."

According to a Washington Post report from December 9, when Obama's administration started discussing the alleged Russian hacking schemes around September, it was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who "voiced doubts about the veracity of the intelligence, according to officials present [at the secret congressional briefing]."

Furthermore, Mitch McConnell was paraphrased during that same September meeting as saying he considered "any effort by the White House to challenge the Russians publicly an act of partisan politics."

Soon after, Trump conveniently named Elaine Chao as his Transportation Department pick around November 29, according to Yahoo.

Elaine Chao, although born in China, is often at the top of America's cabinet positions
Mitch McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, is often active in top Republican cabinet positions. [Image by Aaron P. Bernstein/Stringer/Getty Images]

At that time, criticism centered on her record with the Labor Department and her "light hand" concerning safety regulations. There was also speculation that Elaine Chao "would seek to shift responsibility from the federal government to states where possible."

They also quoted Thomas McGarity and his book Freedom to Harm stating that Elaine Chao's record at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration "didn't issue a single significant new safety regulation for four years, and mine safety inspectors were cut and inspections reduced."

Despite speculations that there may be more to this story than first meets the eye, there are currently no charges being filed against Trump for naming Mitch McConnell's wife to a political office because her husband is being accused in headlines of "helping" Trump win the election via Russia.

Speculation concerning Trump and Mitch McConnell aside, what is also suspicious is how this nomination as head of the Transportation Department by Trump is rather convenient for Elaine Chao since her father owns a major transport company that was scandalized in 2014.

On October 30, 2014, The Nation reported 40 pounds of cocaine were found in a coal shipment going to Europe aboard the Ping May. This ship is owned by Mitch McConnell's wife's father, and the issue that arose was due to an inspection by the Colombian Coast Guard.

Since that time, no reports have surfaced that there were charges brought in the case by the Colombian Coast Guard officials that found the drugs on Elaine Chao's father's ship.

However, as Trump's Transportation Department pick, Elaine Chao would be in a more favorable position to easily ameliorate any situation that arises with her father's major shipping freight company in the future.

Another reason Elaine Chao might not be qualified as a Trump cabinet pick was recently pointed out by Occupy Democrats. They highlighted that as Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush, Elaine Chao had a negative report from the Justice Department, stating she had "violated federal law preventing partisan misuse of federal employment when she was Secretary of Labor."

Nevertheless, since this was discovered a few years after Elaine Chao was no longer in office, she was never reprimanded for her violation.

Regardless, there are many Americans that feel Elaine Chao worked hard to protect them. For example, Elaine Chao worked with the Department of Energy and personally flew to Paducah, Kentucky, to