Owasso Children Found Severely Malnourished: Authorities Arrest Parents For ‘Worst Case Of Child Abuse’ Ever Seen

At the moment, the details of the case are still scant. But authorities and medical staff from Owasso, Oklahoma, have described what they have seen as the “worst case of child abuse” they have ever encountered.

According to a report from Oklahoma’s Own News on 6, Collinsville couple Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, were arrested on Friday after Owasso police responded to a child abuse call. It wasn’t stated who made the call, but the two children who were taken to the city’s Urgent Care facility were reportedly in very bad condition, with “multiple nurses” treating the victims.

Owasso police sergeant Michael Barnes was quoted by News on 6 as having told officer Scott Brengi that it was the worst case of child abuse he remembers seeing. One of the children, an infant girl, was suffering from severe malnutrition and diaper rash, and had bedsores. News on 6 added that the child had “hair wrapped around her finger to the point (that) infected hair was growing over it.”

Several nurses at Urgent Care had agreed with the police officers’ assessment, calling the case the worst they’ve seen. A separate report from NBC affiliate KJRH cited local law enforcement in providing even more shocking details on the case:

“Officers say a nurse told them, with a tear in her eye, a maggot crawled out of one of the victim’s genitals. The nurse also told officers there were feces in one of the infant’s ears and the child looked like a skeleton.”

A look at the social media profiles of both parents offers some information on their backgrounds. According to her Facebook page, Aislyn Miller has been employed at Macy’s Fulfillment Center since early 2016 and supports her home state Oklahoma Sooners football team. Her public profile doesn’t include any photos of children, nor does it have any comments about the alleged “worst case of child abuse” reported on by the Oklahoma outlets.

Kevin Fowler’s public Facebook profile, on the other hand, has been besieged by angry comments as of this writing. Unlike his partner, who has more than 500 Facebook friends, Fowler has only 11, but his recent status on the Sooners playing “West Vagina” University has attracted comments from one woman, who posted a link to the News on 6 article, and another female commenter who had this to say about Fowler and Miller’s alleged actions.

“is this why you cant [sic] take care of your kids because your [sic] busy watching a game”

Fowler’s Facebook profile also shows him as an employee of Macy’s, and tagging Aislyn Miller on one status message.

ABC affiliate KTUL also reported on the couple’s arrest, detailing how officers arrested Fowler and Miller on Friday. When questioned by authorities, they said that they are “new parents” and not accustomed to taking care of infant children. Miller had also informed officers that the children were born premature, thus justifying why they were found in such poor shape.

Both parents also told police that they were “aware” of some of the two children’s health problems, but acknowledged that due to financial issues, they aren’t able to take the children to a doctor; neither child has seen a doctor since birth. Miller noted that she and Fowler do not have health insurance for both kids, and that they aren’t aware of how to get the right kind of health care for both children.

Unconvinced by their explanations and bothered by what they feel was the worst case ever of child abuse, Owasso police arrested Kevin Fowler and Aislyn Miller due to “overwhelming evidence.” The couple is currently being held in the Tulsa County Jail, with bond set at $50,000.

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