Indiana Church Sign Vandalized, Reworded To Read: ‘Romney Hates Women’

An Indiana church sign was vandalized and reworded to read, “Romney Hates Women.” The other side of the sign at the house of worship was changed to read, “Christ Voted Democrat.”

South Broadway Church of Christ Pastor Luke Jackson believes that someone rearranged the letters already displayed on the sign, and stole the remaining ones, according to WANE-TV.

The Huntington pastor had this to say about the response to the vandalized sign:

“I had about eight missed calls from church members and people from the community. One community member in particular had said, ‘I don’t believe a church should be promoting anything like that in a political way,’ and I agreed 100 percent. I would like for them [sign culprits] to come and visit us on Sunday, we’ll love to have them.”

The South Broadway Church of Christ sign messages were immediately changed after Pastor Jackson became aware of the vandalism. A church elder replaced the Romney Hates Women and Christ Voted Democrat slogans with the phrase, “Jesus said forgive.”


The Indiana church pastor believes that the sign was tampered with on Thursday night, but does not feel any members of the congregation were involved, WISH-TV notes.

The church notified local law enforcement officers about the sign vandalism. There are no known leads in the case, and the sign structure itself was not harmed in the political prank. WANE-TV contacted the Huntington Police Department to find out what type of charges could be levied for tampering with the church sign, but have not yet received a response.

Sign “vandalized’ at Huntington church with anti-Romney message