George And Amal Clooney Marriage Drama And Baby Rumors, How Amal Clooney Has Become New Pregnancy Rumor Target In Wake Of Aniston Essay [Debunked]

Amal Clooney and George Clooney have been out of the spotlight over the past few weeks, but this has not kept the rumors from swirling about the high-profile couple who have become respected for their work in advocating for human rights and for becoming vocal in regard to the refugee crisis.

Amal Clooney is a notable human rights barrister who has spent her most recent months fighting for the prosecution against ISIS fighters who committed horrific crimes against their captors. George has been, no doubt, supporting his wife’s work and preparing his next project, but tabloids keep insisting that the Clooneys are heading for a split.

What is the supposed root of the difficulties Amal and George are allegedly experiencing? It all reportedly comes down to children. As The Hollywood Take states, the tabloids have rustled up speculation that the two are fighting because George Clooney does not want to have children.

However, insiders have confirmed that these tales, simply are not true, adding that both George and Amal are “on the same page” when it comes to children, as the publication states.

“The Clooneys are actually doing better than ever two years after getting married. George even celebrated their wedding anniversary in September by cooking his wife dinner. And despite the rumors, the Clooneys are on the same page when it comes to kids. Sources say the Clooneys have been trying to start a family for a while. They even supposedly added a nursery to their renovated English home.”

George Clooney shared his and Amal’s views on expanding their family to include little ones. Back in 2015, the actor said that kids weren’t that high on his list of priorities, yet only a month later admitted that he and Amal did want to have children but that they were taking their time and enjoying their time together before taking that step.

A month following speaking about having little ones, a source added that George enjoys seeing his friends with their families and children.

“[George] loves the relationships his friends have with their kids,” a source said in July 2015.

“George is ready for this step and he thinks that Amal will be a great mother.”

Since Clooney spoke about his and Amal’s intentions to eventually have children, Amal has constantly faced rumors that she is expecting and these rumors have become more intense since an occasion the beauty was seen wearing baggy clothing in August of last year. Amal generally wears form-fitting attire, so her change in clothing style caused media and tabloids to begin speculating that the couple had decided it was time.

The Clooneys did not address the rumors, but it was clear a month later that Amal was definitely not pregnant when she stepped out in a figure-hugging Versace gown without a hint of a bump. Earlier this year, the rumors began to go viral once more leading George to finally shut them down.

The most recent pregnancy rumors, such as the tale reported by New Idea, now indicate that Amal has become the new target of tabloids on the subject of pregnancy, after a decade of Jennifer Aniston being the prime target for such claims. Aniston pleaded to be kept out of such fabrications in an essay for the Huffington Post earlier this year. People clearly listened but have moved their focus to the barrister.

Seeing as Amal is such a busy woman at present, it is unlikely that the couple will be expanding their family anytime soon. George Clooney shared in an interview this year that he worries for his wife’s safety due to her career, but supports her in her notable efforts, such as representing a young woman who was held as a sex slave by ISIS members, Nadia Murad.

“Of course I’m proud of her. Yeah, it comes with risk,” George said of his wife in October.

“You spend an afternoon with that young woman [Nadia], there’s no way you couldn’t stand up for her. She’s so brave. She’s the one who’s the bravest because she’s in the most dangerous [situation]. I think Amal’s decision to [represent her] was, of course, heroic.”

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