‘Deadpool 2’ Director Updates: Tim Miller Tells Why He Really Left The Movie


Deadpool 2 finally has someone at its helm but some are still wondering why the original director, Tim Miller, who made the action-packed, R-rated superhero film a huge hit, left the sequel in the first place.

According to some reports, Miller’s vision for the sequel wasn’t in line with all of the other people involved in the production, implying that he wanted a big-budget film to rival all the other superhero films from Marvel.

But Tim Miller’s recent comments about his departure seem to indicate that some other factor was behind him relinquishing his position as the Deadpool 2 director.

Bigger must be better.

According to the Independent, Miller wanted more for Deadpool 2. The U.K. news site said that the former Deadpool 2 director wasn’t in line with Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the production’s vision in the upcoming sequel.

Reynolds, who played the fast-talking, seemingly immortal mercenary, preferred to have a smaller budget for the sequel, seeing that the ingenuity they put into the first film without relying on expensive explosions and locations are what made the first film a huge hit.

But it seemed that Miller, the former Deadpool 2 director, had a different perspective on what the sequel should look like.

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According to the Independent, Miller wanted a much flashier sequel and though they didn’t provide any details on what exactly the Deadpool director wanted, it was sort of implied that he might be looking for more explosions, more characters and more locations.

The first Deadpool movie only cost $58 million, which was way lower than its rivals Captain America: Civil War and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which both had a budget of $250 million.

But despite the lower budget, Deadpool earned $782.6 million in its theatrical release and has even earned critical praise for its comedic timing and Reynolds’ portrayal of the heavily scarred mercenary.

One source from the production implied that it was Miller who didn’t share Reynolds and the other writers’ vision of Deadpool 2, which led to his departure from the sequel and David Leitch, fresh from his success on the John Wick movie, to replace him as the director.

It seems that is the version everyone’s saying about Miller’s departure from Deadpool 2, but the director’s recent comment seems to indicate that he also wanted a small-budget film for the upcoming sequel.

According to Gizmodo, Miller said that he also wants a small budget for Deadpool 2 despite what other reports say.

The former Deadpool 2 director stressed his point to his fellow geeks and comic book nerds that he wanted something smaller for the sequel because he believes that that’s where the X-Men spinoff would work best.

The former Deadpool 2 director called on his fellow geeks not to be easily swayed by what’s being reported about him on the internet.

Miller said that they shouldn’t take what the online news sites are spewing as gospel because there’s not a shred of truth in it. He said that he didn’t want to make another “stylized movie that was three times the budget” because he really wanted to return to the original film’s scrappier theme.

Although it seemed that the former Deadpool 2 director was taking a shot against Reynolds and the rest of the production, he offered nothing but praises to the Canadian actor and the rest of the crew of the upcoming sequel.

Miller said that he hopes that the people behind Deadpool 2 will find success in their endeavor and that he hopes that the new Deadpool 2 director, David Leitch, will do well in helming the sequel.

The former Deadpool 2 director also hoped that Fox would find success once more in the upcoming sequel because he really likes the character he helped become a household name and he wants nothing but good things for them.

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