640 Marijuana Lollipops Seized In NY Drugs Raid

640 marijuana lollipops were seized by New York police on Thursday, after a raid on a sixth-floor Delaware Avenue apartment. A number of University of Buffalo students were caught red-handed with chocolate-flavored marijuana, hard candy containing marijuana, 640 “Jolly Lolly” marijuana lollipops, and five pounds of regular marijuana. $13,000 cash was also seized by authorities.

Buffalo narcotics detectives described how many of the students at the party were “extremely high” when the raid took place at around 4pm. According to Narcotics Detective Sgt. Timothy Mulhern:

“One of the students was so high we thought he was going to pass out.”

The host of the gathering, 26-year-old Alexander J. Zito, has ben accused of obtaining the marijuana on trips to California, where the drug can be legally used for medicinal purposes. Police say Zito has previously shipped the marijuana through the U.S. Postal Service to his New York apartment. The use of medicinal marijuana is illegal in New York.


Zito informed detectives that he was a University of Buffalo graduate who was hoping to return to the university and earn a master’s degree.

While he has been jobless for two to three years, Zito seems to have found a way to pay his bills. At his apartment, police discovered records showing his rent was paid six months in advance, brand new furniture, and business cards stating Zito was the owner of a medical marijuana shop in San Diego.

As well as marijuana lollipops and cash, hashish and crack cocaine were also found at the apartment. Zito has been charged with felony possession of marijuana and cocaine.