Inside Melania Trump’s World, ‘Motherhood Is Her Primary Focus’

Before Melania Trump embraces her life as the next first lady, she takes steps to put her son, Barron Trump’s safety and happiness first, according to Us Weekly. It led to the controversial decision to stay in New York City instead of relocating to the White House. The first lady-elect and her 10-year-old son plan to make a move to Washington after his school is out in June, but according to Melania, her “plans hinge on Barron’s plans for the summer.”

For Melania, her primary focus is Barron and his happiness. She feels that he needs her at this age and it may be best for him if he doesn’t move to the White House.

“He needs me at this age,” Melania told Us Weekly. “It was his decision not to move to the White House.”

Melania felt that what Barron needed was to be near his friends and the home he knew and loved. She knew that she needed to stay in the Trump Towers triplex penthouse in new York City to keep Barron’s routines the same.

“She’s a strong, independent woman who puts family first,” Melania’s close friend revealed. “She wants to be seen as her own person. She wants to do what she wants to do.She gets involved with the charities and businesses that she feels passionately about.”

Melania Is First A Mom

Now that the campaign is over, Melania’s day centers around her son and his activities. Trump stated that she is “very involved in Barron’s life.” She doesn’t have any nannies on staff and takes Barron to his school in Upper West Side in New York City every day. His teacher said that Melania is “almost always the person who picks her son” up from school.

“She is always very sweet and kind. She comes in full hair and makeup,” a source stated. “She always looks flawless.”

During his school hours, she turns her attention to her many business ventures. The entrepreneur designed her own QVC jewelry and short-lived skincare line. Since Donald won the presidential election, she has spent most of her days finding a social secretary to help oversee domestic White House employees and function held for the president during his term. Since she won’t be at the White House to monitor the details personally, it is important to Melania to find someone who will pay attention to the fine details.

Melania recently picked up Barron from school wearing a $1695 Antonio Berardi dress and a $4.800 Balmain coat. Apparently, the first lady-elect claims she bought “off the rack.”

By the time 3 o’clock hits, Melania is back in mom mode, according to Yahoo. She focuses on Barron’s food and homework and dedicates all her time to him until he goes to sleep. Melania said that if Donald is home, the threesome will have a meal together. They will have their private chef cook a gourmet meal while they have a chess tournament, as a family.

“We love to catch up on our daily life and to have dinner. When you’re together, and you have good conversation, it’s priceless. You can’t put a price tag on that,” Melania Trump revealed.

Melania isn’t big into the social scene in New York City and prefers to stay home with her family. Her attention to her son, Barron is admirable and even more so that she was able to juggle her family, Donald’s political aspirations, and her businesses.

Duty As First Lady

Her strengths will serve her well as the first lady. She won’t live in Washington D.C. just yet but plans to be there for Donald, if he needs her. She will be at Donald’s side for White House parties, trips where he meets kings and queens of other countries, and for a variety of scheduled events.

“Trump is an incredible hostess,” a family friend revealed.” She does everything from orchestrating intimate dinners to extravagant galas.”

Melania Asked Michelle Obama For ‘Motherly’ Advice

Trump asked Obama how she raised two well-adjusted children in the White House. Although the women’s political differences are present, they came together, mother to mother to share tips on how to survive the demands of the White House and have a happy well-adjust child.

“My job is to be his teacher, his guide. I think that is the most important one out there,” Trump said.

Whether you love or dislike Melania Trump, one thing is sure; she loves her son, Barron. Her dedication to him and being the best mother she can be should be admired and praised.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]