Paulie Calafiore And Zakiyah Everette Reunite: The ‘Big Brother 18’ Lovebirds Are Together Again, What’s The Scoop?

Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette fell for one another last summer on Big Brother 18 and they managed to transition their in-house romance to a real-life relationship. Paulie and Zakiyah, dubbed “Zaulie” by their BB18 fans, are facing a long-distance romance these days, but they just surprised all of their fans by revealing that they are currently together after spending a bit of time apart. What’s the scoop?

Zakiyah Everette and Paulie Calafiore spent a great deal of time together directly after the Big Brother 18 finale, traveling and meeting one another’s loved ones. Zaulie was together in Canada for Halloween, where they did some events with fellow BB18 stars Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel. The two then headed to New Jersey to hit some premiere events related to Paulie’s brother Cody Calafiore and his movie titled What Happened Last Night.

Unfortunately, after the premiere events and some Calafiore time, Everette headed back to North Carolina and the BB18 lovebirds have been apart since then. Zaulie fans have been itching to see Paulie and Zakiyah reunite, and the couple’s supporters got a fun surprise when they checked out Everette’s Snapchat page on Thursday.

A simple Snapchat video where Zakiyah was talking about not liking her hair turned into a big surprise when Everette showed that Calafiore was in the car with her. Additional segments of the video showed that the Big Brother 18 lovebirds visited the children she used to work with at a preschool, hit the mall together, and headed out for a romantic dinner.

At this point, Zaulie fans don’t know how long Calafiore will stay in North Carolina or how much the BB18 stars will share in terms of updates via social media. Quite a few of the couple’s followers have already mentioned on Twitter that they’d love to see a Periscope from Paulie and Zakiyah together, but others have said that they want these two to just enjoy the opportunity they have to be together and embrace some private time.

While three couples emerged from Big Brother 18 intent on transitioning their showmances into full-fledged romances, Paulie and Zakiyah were perhaps the most honest and open about what they would be facing in terms of this needing to be a long-distance relationship.

Everette has shared that she will start graduate school again in the spring in North Carolina and she is committed to finishing her master’s degree there. At the same time, Calafiore has numerous business ventures in New Jersey that keep him committed to living there. Luckily, both of the Big Brother 18 stars seem to have some flexibility in their schedules, so Zaulie fans can surely expect additional trips in the weeks or months ahead.

Despite being apart geographically for the past few weeks, Zakiyah and Paulie have given nods to one another via social media that Zaulie supporters have loved to see. Everette Snapchatted about a shirt she bought for her guy, but was tempted to keep for herself, while Calafiore donned a baseball cap that featured her North Carolina area code. She also recently shared a picture of the two of them together from a while back and noted that she was missing her “pudding.”

How long will Paulie be with Zakiyah with this trip and when will they get together next after this trip? Big Brother 18 Zaulie fans will have to stay tuned and see what more Calafiore and Everette share via social media and hope that the next get-together between the two isn’t too far down the road. Do you think that BB18 lovebirds Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette can overcome the distance factor and make their relationship work long-term?

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