Romney Is Favored Among Israelis

Mitt Romney is favored over President Obama in Israel because Israelis feel Romney would be more attentive to Israel’s needs, NPRreports.

A study released by the Peace Index Poll and Israel’s Democracy Institute from August, found that Romney is favored twice as much as Obama. Worldwide, such a fond sentiment for Romney is not found elsewhere besides Israel, a recent BBCpoll found. In the poll, 21 countries were surveyed about the two presidential candidates and 20 opted for Obama, with Pakistan being the exception.

However, Israel was not included in the survey, which is a bit strange considering the prevalence of discussions involving Israel during presidential campaigns.

During the foreign policy debates on Monday, Israel was mentioned more than 30 times between Obama and Romney. The Arab Spring, Europe and Afghanistan were mentioned far less, and even less mentioned were Africa and Latin America. The only country besides Israel to get near as much attention during the debate was Iran.

Obama is known to have a decent at best relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and it seems many Israelis have not taken much of a liking to the president. Romney repeatedly has said Obama is not supportive enough of Israel.

According to the Obama administration, the Romney allegations are false and the relationship between the United States and Israel has never been stronger. However, Israeli conservatives have been known to have closer ties with the GOP historically.

Many American citizens live in Israel and will be casting ballots this election.