Uber Car Driver And Passenger Guidelines Reveal How To Get Banned From Service

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Uber car drivers and passengers can make a big difference with the service depending on how they behave. While drivers could easily be held more accountable, those using the service for competitive taxi-like transportation can still be banned.

New guidelines have been revealed that detail unacceptable behaviors in cars owned by the company — at least until they switch over to driver-less cars.

Many guidelines are generally common sense when it comes to transportation. Some are based on well-known laws, such as driving when drunk (another reason driver-less cars might be in their future), not using your seat belt, and exceeding the speed limit. These rules are in place to protect not only the driver but everybody else on the road.

You might be perfectly safe driving that Ford F-250 at 70 miles per hour, but anyone suddenly appearing in your way because you’re driving that fast in a residential area could be instantly killed. The force of a collision takes into account the weight of a vehicle, and the greater the size, the more dangerous it is.

Ford F-150s and heavier vehicles are more dangerous.
Ford F-150s and heavier vehicles are more dangerous. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Other guidelines include rules of conversation and interaction, meaning that there can be no insults or vulgar language used at any time. Clients should know this if they read the agreement before using the service. In today’s world of increasing sensitivity toward cultural differences, even airline passengers are being held to strict standards in order to avoid potential terrorism.

Ever since September 11, 2001, terrorism has been a fear among citizens of the United States, as the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were both attacked in states that don’t share a border. Rules of conduct throughout the nation’s workplace have gotten stricter as well. Use of hate speech can even get you banned on Twitter, no matter who you are.

There are also guidelines concerning making a mess in an Uber car, for the driver and the passengers. If you make a mess, you are required to clean it up, according to the official site. The car does not belong to you, and in order to keep the rates low enough to be competitive, the company wants to reduce the chances of excessive maintenance on the appearance.

Respect is key and helps maintain a superior atmosphere that results in an enjoyable ride. No matter what the driver or passengers look like, there is no tolerance for comments about their appearance or manner of dress. On that note, always dress appropriately.

Children in Uber car must be supervised.
Children in Uber car must be supervised. [Photo by Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com]

Underage passengers are not allowed except in the company of a responsible adult, be it a parent, relative, trusted friend, or paid sitter. This is for the safety of everybody involved, and Uber does not want to be responsible for a missing children.

Perhaps the most restrictive policy is that sexual activity of any kind is not tolerated. No flirting or inappropriate physical contact may occur between anyone inside the vehicle.

You can be banned from using an Uber car if you engage in any of the following behavior.

  • Inappropriate physical touching or flirting is not allowed.
  • Do not damage the property of anyone in the vehicle.
  • No vulgar, aggressive, or sexual language or gestures can be used. This includes personal questions and applies to children under your supervision as well.
  • Unwanted contact with anyone inside the vehicle is prohibited, even after the trip is complete. This extends to phone calls that may disturb other inhabitants.
  • Laws will be enforced inside the vehicle. Seat belts must be worn, no drugs or open packages of alcohol are allowed, and the use of a Uber car, driver, or passenger to commit a crime is prohibited.
  • You may not carry firearms inside the vehicle for any reason.
  • Duplicate accounts will be means for termination, as is disputing the fare. Fares are set by Uber.

Uber states that any violation of the above rules will result in an investigation and, at the least, suspension of your account.

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