Pornhub's Automatic Video-Sharing To Social Media Accounts Is April Fools' Joke

Imagine searching for "clown porn" on Pornhub. Then imagine the horror upon receiving a message from Pornhub, which features a blue Facebook-like thumbs-up sign, that says, "thanks the user for sharing that crazy clown porn video." The below photo shows the screen that some Pornhub users received, frightening them into thinking that the adult site had already shared their viewed videos automatically to their social media accounts, something that would likely horrify Pornhub video viewers who wouldn't want everyone who follows them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know that they love clown-based adult entertainment.

After providing the "Thanks for Sharing!" message, Pornhub gave users two options: One read, "Thanks Pornhub!" Another read, "WTF, reverse this now!" After clicking on the options, the site revealed a new message: "Happy April Fools!" They then told users that their browsing is always safe and secure, and that Pornhub uses encryption to keep it safe.
Meanwhile, people are giving Pornhub kudos for their creative April Fools' Day prank, as reported by The Sun. Even though lots of folks are writing on social media that Pornhub's April Fools' Day joke might have caused such a panic visitors/users that it could have given them a heart attack, Pornhub is still winning praise for their creativity.
Those Pornhub users who didn't catch the "April 1st" date on the bottom right-hand corner of the message didn't realize that it was an April Fools' Day joke, and were likely terrified, as reported by Metro. Those who logged into Pornhub to get their favorite video viewing out of the way instead likely got the shock of his or her life after seeing such a message from the adult video site, claiming that their videos would be automatically shared, doing away with the need to manually share the videos.

The latest joke from Pornhub, as reported by The Daily Dot, is being called even better than the site's April Fools' Day joke from one year ago. In 2016, Pornhub transformed themselves into Cornhub, and instead of featuring adult videos of people, Cornhub featured nasty, tasty videos of corn on the cob, dripping with butter. It was the kind of April Fools' Day prank that might have made Pornhub users laugh or become frustrated, but not the kind of prank that would cause fear to surge up someone's throat.

No doubt plenty of Pornhub users immediately checked their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as Snapchat and Instagram, to ensure the prank, which has been called "super brutal" by Cosmopolitan, did not automatically share their adult videos to their accounts. Especially with Pornhub giving a message that the videos would automatically be shared to "friends and family...because [of] this new revolutionary sharing feature" on Pornhub.

As reported by Complex, Pornhub 's "diabolical" social media prank likely worked so well, because no one would have the desire for friends and family to learn their deepest, dirtiest adult entertainment secrets. And perhaps such a shock might have been the impetus for some Pornhub users to lay off the site, in order to become "Master of My Domain," as noted in the popular Seinfeld episode that found the main characters trying to abstain from masturbation.

As reported by the Independent, men following "NoFap" challenged themselves to abstain from porn habits and masturbation, with one claiming it gave him "super powers" of sorts, when he redirected his energies away from watching sex videos on the internet and "fapping," which is slang for masturbating.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]