Maci Bookout Company: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Missed Deadline Says Secretary Of State

Maci Bookout revealed on the Teen Mom OG reunion that she had a lot on her plate with three children, a marriage, and a booming business, and Dr. Drew could understand why she would be overwhelmed. And it sounds like her t-shirt business Things That Matter is doing super well, especially after Taylor McKinney bought access to the company back in 2013. But it may be going so well that they are forgetting to file the important paperwork to keep this business active and legal. And the Tennessee Secretary of State has now listed the company as inactive.

According to a new Radar Online report, Maci Bookout may have overseen the important paperwork that she had to send to the Tennessee Secretary of State earlier this year. And because of the missed deadline, her company TTM Lifestyle, LCC, has been listed as inactive since August 6th of this year. And it was after this date that Maci Bookout filmed the reunion special for Teen Mom OG, where she talked about how the business was booming and doing great.

“This business was dissolved for failing to file an annual report,” a spokesperson for the Secretary of State has told Radar Online about Maci Bookout’s business dealings, adding, “The report is used to maintain an entity status of an active business. It tells us your management structure, number of members, number of addresses on file, etc.”

Maci Bookout's company
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The business was started back in 2011 and Taylor purchased the business back in 2013. It was showcased on Teen Mom, as Maci wanted her then-boyfriend to take responsibility for the business and really make an effort in making it a success. But Bookout was often seen working on the business, including how she was doing the website for the business. And even though the business is currently listed as inactive, they continue to make sales.

Maci Bookout and Taylor recently restocked their inventory for Black Friday sales, and one can imagine that the name drop on Teen Mom OG reunion was enough to boost some sales for the holidays. So, what does it mean to have this inactive status? Does this mean that Bookout is running an illegal business? According to Radar Online, Bookout and Taylor are allowed to keep selling items on their website, but they will be fined for failing to file their report. Plus, they will face some hurdles going forward for not keeping up with the paperwork.

“Just because they’re dissolved doesn’t mean they’re shut down,” the spokesperson continued. “They’re going to have to file what they missed, a reinstatement document. It would be $70 and clearance to reinstate. They’re going to have to pay extra and jump through hoops, but they are allowed to continue doing business.”

Things That Matter
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In other words, Maci Bookout and her husband can keep their profits from recent sales, but they should budget so they can pay off the fees and the penalties they face due to the lack of filing. Plus, one of them may be interested in doing a business course to learn when and what paperwork has to be filed to avoid these late penalty fees and hurdles. But it sounds like Bookout and her husband learn from their mistakes.

This isn’t the first time that they have been in hot water with this business. When they announced their new venture, people were shocked that they were charging $42-$46 for one cotton-blend shirt. Plus, they started out with only selling extra small to medium sizes and fans were furious with the small sizes. Large and extra large sizes were later added, but people were still upset about the high price points.

What do you think of Maci Bookout failing to file important paperwork on time?

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