December 8, 2016
Exactly What Is Pizzagate Scandal: Reddit Conspiracy Theory Or Conspiracy Of Silence?

The Pizzagate conspiracy scandal has been the talk of the internet for around six weeks now. Perhaps strangely the Pizzagate scandal was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media until this week. The few mainstream media outlets, who covered Pizzagate at all, had written it off as a Reddit conspiracy designed to discredit Hillary Clinton, and her campaign chief, John Podesta, on the run-up to the presidential election. The BBC, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, described Pizzagate as a "fake news onslaught."

Most outlets dismissed the Pizzagate scandal out of hand. The idea that Clinton and Podesta were at the heart of a satanic, pedophile ring, run out of Washington Pizza joint Comet Ping Pong, is just too fantastic to be true. On Sunday, December 4, everything changed when 28-year-old North Carolina resident Edgar M. Welch walked into Comet Ping Pong armed with a rifle and a handgun. According to police reports, Welch went to Comet Ping Pong to "self-investigate" Pizzagate.

In the wake of Welch's action at Comet Ping Pong, the mainstream media has finally sat up and taken notice of the Pizzagate scandal. Having taken notice of Pizzagate most outlets suddenly speak with one voice. That voice claims that Pizzagate is an alt-right conspiracy with no basis in fact.

Pizzagate Conspiracy Scandal
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The New Yorker dismisses the Pizzagate conspiracy theory as propaganda spread by supporters of Donald Trump.

"These theories, which, most broadly put, place Hillary Clinton at the center of an international child-sex-trafficking ring, are the lies, and they are almost incomprehensible. The mystery within the mystery is how anybody with a shred of good will would even try to connect point A to point B."

"Foremost among those nonetheless doing so are Donald Trump-supporting social-media figures, including the son of retired General Michael Flynn, the President-elect's choice for national-security adviser."

The New York Times has once again dismissed Pizzagate as a hoax and warned that other pizza parlors are now being implicated in "a baseless story that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was connected to a child-abuse ring."
"The bogus story originally focused on a Washington pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong, which has been subjected to a barrage of threats and unwanted attention since the conspiracy theory began to spread in the days before the election."
They state that a New York pizza joint called "Roberta's" is now being threatened by Pizzagate conspirators. The same story is repeated by Time magazine.
"Workers at popular Brooklyn pizzeria Roberta's have received threats from people who believe the restaurant is connected to Pizzagate — the fake story that claims Hillary and Bill Clinton run a pedophile sex ring out of a Washington, D.C., restaurant."
Forbes goes even further in dismissing Pizzagate claiming that the conspiracy theory is an example of "Cybersteria" that has become the "new normal."
"Hysteria caused by trolls, online vigilantism and bad cybersleuthing was already on the rise online, and with the fake news industry reaching its peak thanks to Google enormous AdSense network, it's only a matter of time before someone is killed by it."

"The Pizzagate conspiracy relies heavily on Wikileaks-leaked Clinton campaign chief John Podesta's emails about lunch options."

They go on to claim that pro-Trump right-wing and fake news sites saw a winner and latched onto the story.

Pizzagate Conspiracy Scandal
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CNN also joined the anti-Pizzagate party this week when it began to roll out the experts to explain why conspiracy theories like Pizzagate take hold. Karen Douglas, a professor of social psychology at the University of Kent in the UK basically said that most people are too stupid to distinguish between fact and fiction.

"People are constantly bombarded with information from so many different sources and it isn't always easy to work out what is true and what is false, and which sources are credible and which are not."
The Daily Beast reports that last night on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert told his viewers, that Pizzagate investigators should "grow the f**k up."

"A conspiracy is what villains do. An agreement is what adults do," he said. "Look around the country. Wouldn't you agree we need some more adults? So WikiLeaks, Alex Jones, and the subreddit sub-geniuses—and I mean this in the nicest way possible: grow the fuck up."

So, Is Pizzagate Fake News?

Well if you subscribe to the mainstream media view then the Pizzagate conspiracy theory is the darkest kind of fairytale. It's the kind of story you tell your kids if you want to frighten them for some reason. That said, all the mainstream media stories share a common trait. Almost without exception, the "Pizzagate conspiracy debunked" stories completely ignore the few facts that are indisputable in this case.

Pizzagate did not emerge on 4Chan, on the Reddit forums, or on Voat. As was reported in the Inquisitr last week Trump supporters had much to gain by using the Pizzagate scandal to smear Hillary Clinton, but Pizzagate emerged when WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange released the Pizzagate emails. Assange has since disappeared from public view leading to claims that he has been assassinated or renditioned to the U.S. by the CIA.

John Podesta's Pizzagate scandal emails are very strange. Mentions of pizza, cheese, and other food items are totally out of context in the Podesta emails. No one has yet offered any sort of innocent explanation for the content of those emails.

Comet Ping Pong owner, James Alefantis, did have numerous pictures of children in his Instagram feed. Alefantis did share a picture of him holding a small child, and he did caption that picture with the hashtag #Chickenlover. A "Chicken lover" is defined as "an adult male homosexual sexually attracted to underage males."

Alefantis also shared images of a small child with her arms taped to a table top. These images do not prove that Alefantis is a predatory pedophile, at the heart of a satanic pedophile ring, but they do throw up questions. No one in the mainstream media, nor Alefantis himself, has tried to explain these strange messages.

This is hardly the first time that John Podesta has been accused of being a pedophile. Back in 2011 Andrew Breitbart used his twitter account to publicly claim that Podesta was a pedophile.

Many Pizzagate citizens investigators believe that they know the reason that much of the media is ignoring or attempting to debunk the Pizzagate scandal. That reason, they claim, is CIA Operation Mockingbird.

What Is Operation Mockingbird And What Does It Have To Do With Pizzagate?

Operation Mockingbird is a CIA "dark-op" that targeted journalists and news organizations. Global Research recently released an article by Professor James Tracy, first published way before Pizzagate, it explains Operation Mockingbird. In short, the Tracy claims the CIA mostly controls the news you get to see.
"Why do prominent US journalists routinely fail to question other deep events that shape America's tragic history over the past half century, such as the political assassinations of the 1960s, or the central role played by the CIA major role in international drug trafficking?"
Professor Tracy lays out a deeply disturbing account of just how deeply embedded the CIA's control over the mainstream media is.

In many ways, it is easy to understand why it isn't difficult to imagine that the CIA would want to play down Pizzagate. If Pizzagate were real think of the damage that the political elite would suffer. Trust in politics, across the U.S. and in most parts of the world, is already at an all-time low. If our political elite are engaged in satanic practices and pedophilia, imagine the damage the scandal would cause. America's standing in the world would be hugely damaged. Pizzagate would destroy the remaining faith in our democracy, and who knows what that would lead to.

Pizzagate investigators believe that this is the biggest scandal in history. Their belief does not make Pizzagate true, but it does throw up questions that no one wants to answer.

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