April 2, 2017
'The Originals' Season 4 Spoilers: Is The Hayley-Elijah Romance Ending For Good?

The Originals Season 4 spoilers indicate rocky waters ahead for the Mikaelsons, especially for star-crossed lovers Hayley and Elijah.

After successfully returning the rest of her family to her daughter Hope (Summer Fontana), Hayley will soon be facing another threat that will hinder her from achieving something she wanted but never had the liberty to have: happiness with Elijah.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Phoebe Tonkin, the actress who plays Hayley Marshall, revealed how her character will soon face disappointment after realizing that the race is not over. Those who do not wish to know details about Episode 4, this is your chance to look away. The Originals Season 4 spoilers lie ahead.

During the first three episodes of the show, The Originals Season 4 saw the Mikaelson family reunited after Hayley was able to wake up Freya (Riley Voelkel), who ended the temporary sleep of three of her siblings. After successfully being cured from fatal bites and hexes, the Mikaelson brothers and sisters went with Hayley to rescue Klaus (Joseph Morgan) from his captivity under his adoptive son and sire, Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis).

Leading the rest of her family back home, Hayley is unaware of what is happening to her daughter, who appears to be experiencing some mystic link to the "dark force" that lurks in the streets of New Orleans.

According to The Originals Season 4 spoilers from Tonkin, a potential big bad villain is coming for Hope, who had been having nightmares about the same cryptic icon that has been emerging on the walls of abandoned streets in New Orleans.

"That's what's so terrifying about the big bad of the season is that they don't really know much about it," Tonkin explains.

"They don't know why it's here; they don't know what it wants, and once it starts to feel like maybe this is something directly affecting or directly targeting Hope, that's when everything gets serious."
Tonkin further emphasized that the Mikaelson family is bound to get involved in what first appeared as a New Orleans witch problem.

But that is not the juiciest The Originals Season 4 spoilers Tonkin revealed. Based on Tonkin's statements, Hayley and Elijah might never have the chance to be happy together even though they both spent five excruciatingly long years before they finally get to be together.

When asked about Hayley and Elijah having a moment of happiness, Tonkin concurred and admitted that the characters she and Daniel Gillies play are indeed in love and deserve even a slight chance at it. Unfortunately, the 27-year-old actress also revealed that Hayley's priority is protecting Hope.
"I think they love each other very much but you know as the season goes on, it becomes very clear that Hayley's priority is being a mom and protecting her daughter."
In a separate interview with TV Line, Tonkin revealed that Hayley can't possibly think about a romantic relationship right now considering what is about to come to her daughter.
"As much as Hayley is happy to have [Elijah] back, her priority is still Hope's safety. She can't focus on a romantic relationship that might become too time-consuming. … As her daughter gets older and becomes a little human being, Hayley becomes even more protective. So that's her focus, to protect her kid."
To further add salt to the wound of fans of the Hayley-Elijah romance, The Originals Season 4 spoilers from executive producer Michael Narducci said that Hope's uncles and aunts- including Elijah- are as devoted to her as her parents, Hayley and Klaus.
"Not only does she have a mother and father who are willing to do anything to keep her safe, but this little girl also has all these very protective aunts and uncles."
Does this mean Hayley and Elijah's happily ever after is never going to happen? Let's wait and see. Stay tuned for more The Originals Season 4 spoilers in the coming weeks and tell us what you think about this article in the comments section below.

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