Yoselyn Ortega: New Details About Alleged Killer Of Krim Children Emerge

Yoselyn Ortega was said to be stressed and losing weight in the period that led up to her alleged killing of two children she cared for as a nanny.

The Manhattan nanny is accused of stabbing to death two young children of CNBC executive Kevin Krim and his wife Marina Krim. Police say Yoselyn Ortega slashed the children with a kitchen knife before stabbing herself on Thursday.

Now new reports about Yoselyn Ortega said she was spiraling downward in her personal life. As The New York Times noted, she lost her new apartment and had to move into a crowded tenement house with her teenage son, a sister and niece. Ortega yearned to leave, and reportedly wandered the halls selling cosmetics and jewelry for extra money.

Neighbors said Yoselyn Ortega was moody and appeared to be losing weight.

Others noticed the change too, Gawker reported. Her former neighbor, Juan Pozo, said that Ortega has been seeing a psychologist lately.

“(Ortega) felt like she was losing her mind,” Pozo said.

Yoselyn Ortega’s sister, Celia, told the New York Daily News that she was the one who referred her sister to the Kevin Krim and Marina Krim. Celia said she is devastated by the decision.

“I would like to die. I would give my life for the children to come back,” she said.

The Yoselyn Ortega case has garnered nationwide attention, in part because of Marina Krim‘s frank discussion of the tragedy. The mother returned to her apartment to find two children dead of stab wounds, recounting details on her blog.

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