'The Psycho She Met Online' Lifetime Movie Is A Cautionary Tale, True Story Recounted, Starring Charity Shea

The Psycho She Met Online is a frightening new world premiere movie that is slated to air this Sunday, according to Lifetime Television. The 2017 movie thriller is directed by Curtis Crawford and written by Christine Conradt. The Psycho She Met Online, also known as The Guest She Found Online, is about a woman who encounters a dangerous house guest after meeting her on a website. The true-story feel to the movie is a cautionary tale for young adults who meet strangers on the internet. Lifetime's The Psycho She Met Online stars Charity Shea as Miranda Breyers, Matthew Lawrence as Andrew Hexley, Chelsea Hobbs as Karen Hexley, and Yani Gellman as Tyler Hexley.

Synopsis: The Psycho She Met Online Lifetime Movie

When Miranda Breyers shows up on Karen Hexley's doorstep, she seems like the perfect house guest to fill one of the vacancies in their beautiful home. Since her husband is home on bed rest due to a serious accident, he isn't earning the high-paying checks that have afforded them such a comfortable life. Having a new tenant is an excellent option to bring in some extra cash. Plus, Miranda seems just perfect. Through conversation, Miranda and Karen form a bond, and Karen thinks that Miranda provides great companionship while her husband recovers. This is a pleasant change since some of the other tenants didn't work out.

But soon, something shifts. There is something very strange about Miranda. When Karen met her online, she seemed like a normal young woman who needed a place to stay. But now, she seems to be getting too comfortable. At first, Miranda only needed a room for one week. Then two weeks. Now, Karen can't seem to get her out of the house.

Before long, Karen notices that Miranda is slowly taking over their lives just after a week. The two women soon come to blows and Karen demands that Miranda get out. Karen's life takes a dangerous turn after one of the houseguests turns up dead. Karen is sure that Miranda is behind the mysterious death.

But as she gets closer to finding out the truth, Karen realizes that her house guest has a past. And she learns that Miranda's entire stay may have all been a part of a deadly plan.

One Frightening True Story

The movie, although fictional, has several kernels of truth. For starters, the idea of finding a housemate or a companion online is very common but very dangerous. The news has recounted an alarming number of shocking true stories about deadly encounters with people online.

Just last year, Danielle Jones was attacked in her home by a houseguest that she met online. Authorities say that Byron Mitchell seemed like a normal health and fitness business owner judging by his social media page. But he turned out to be a real-life psycho, who left Danielle Jones in a coma for almost a month after he beat, strangled, and cut her with a knife.

The victim's knife wounds were so brutal that doctors said that it looked like Mitchell was trying to cut off Jones' lips and eyelids. Danielle Jones found Byron on Craigslist when she was looking for a roommate to help out with some of the bills. He was at her home for just a week when he attacked her. Mitchell was later arrested and charged with attempted murder, according to Heavy.

Lifetime Television has made several movies that appear to fall under the "met online" franchise. Most likely all of them have been inspired by someone's true story.

Cast Of The Lifetime Television Movie: The Psycho She Met Online

About Actress Charity Shea (via IMDB)

"Charity Shea was born on December 4, 1983 in Denver, Colorado, USA. She is an actress, known for Single Ladies (2011), The Best Years (2007) and Alpha Dog (2006)."
About Actress Chelsea Hobbs (via IMDB)
"Chelsea starred in Lifetime's Beach Girls (2005) alongside Rob Lowe and Julia Ormond, which broke Lifetime's ratings records. Chelsea played two characters; a 17-year-old Nell and Nell's mother, Emma, at 18-years-old circa 1985. She also starred alongside Sara Paxton in 2007's The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker (2007)."
The Psycho She Met Online was filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is produced by NB Thrilling, Film 2, and Thrill Films 2. Executive producers of the movie are Tom Berry, Neil Bregman, Pierre David. Distribution was provided by Reel One International. The Psycho She Met Online airs Sunday at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime Television. Last week's movie was Girl Followed.
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