Ronald McDonald Violates Restraining Order By Entering McDonald’s Restaurant

Ronald McDonald got into legal trouble by entering a McDonald;s. The Ronald McDonald in question, however, isn’t the famous clown mascot but a British man who simply shares the name.

The Sideshow reports that the less famous Ronald McDonald violated a restraining order earlier this month when he followed his ex-wife into one of the fast food restaurants. McDonald, 50, was barred from contact with his ex-wife after an incident in September. This is Kent reports that McDonald allegedly assaulted his wife and another woman. The dispute with his ex-wife began when she became upset that he had brought a beer home to their Ronnie. Ronnie’s age was not released.

Apparently, McDonald followed his ex-wife in her car along several streets, and when she parked in a McDonald’s parking lot, he followed her in. Furthermore, it seems McDonald and his ex-wife have had regular contact that she allowed. Still, it was a violation.

McDonald’s lawyer, Will Bodiam of Betts and Co., said his client is sorry.


“He regrets the incident. The defendant takes responsibility for the breach,” Bodiam said. “He said to me he is totally remorseful about the whole situation.”

Ronald McDonald was given an 86-day sentence for violating the restraining order and is forbidden from contacting his ex-wife for three years. No word on whether or not he would share a jail cell with the Hamburglar.

The clown mascot Ronald McDonald has served as a symbol for the world’s most famous fast food chain since 1963. Neither the character or Brad Lennon, the current man behind the makeup in McDonald’s TV commercials, or anyone in the photo above have any relation at all to the case.