WWE Rumors: Is James Ellsworth Ruining The ‘SmackDown’ Roster?

James Ellsworth is a rising WWE Superstar of questionable value and importance, but the latest WWE rumors suggest that he is, in fact, causing more trouble than he’s worth because he’s actually ruining the SmackDown Live roster!

That’s according to Forbes, whose latest round of WWE rumors suggest that the rising superstar is ruining Dean Ambrose’s character. Dean Ambrose has long been mistreated by the powers that be at WWE creative, and he has had the chance for world titles stripped away from him more than once. And, on this past Sunday’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs event, James Ellsworth provided yet another opportunity for Dean Ambrose to be humiliated by stripping him of yet another opportunity to go for the World Championship title.

Forbes goes on to suggest that this insistence on “shock value” is what’s driving the SmackDown viewership down because the WWE is trading the long-term vision of the company and the superstars for an immediate fan reaction.

“Ambrose, in particular, was one superstar that had the potential to be the new era’s “anti-hero”, much in the mold of a ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and a CM Punk. Despite either superstar’s heel persona’s, dirty action, and/or evil ways, the audience embraced them.”

But according to the latest WWE rumors from Rolling Stone, there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for James Ellsworth to turn heel, especially since he has very little traction in the company to begin with. As it stands, it’s AJ Styles, not James Ellsworth, that holds the most power and attention in the Blue Brand, and he demonstrated it by fighting gloriously with Dean Ambrose in spite of (as Rolling Stone puts it) “shenanigans” of Ellsworth.

Try as WWE Creative may, the fans are more perplexed by Ellsworth than hostile or conciliatory. Historically speaking, when fans don’t know what to make of a character, they tend to reject him outright, and that’s what’s happening with Ellsworth right now.

“Right now, Styles isn’t just head and shoulders above every other wrestler in the company; he’s scratching at the elite level of all-time WWE performers. Despite all of the James Ellsworth shenanigans that culminated the PPV, no one can take away the fact that, at TLC 2016, AJ Styles showed the world that he is the face that runs the place, and he is the most phenomenal wrestler in this green planet of Earth.”

And if the latest WWE rumors from Bleacher Report are to be believed, Ellsworth has a long way to go before he can even consider being put in the same league as an AJ Styles. Even though Ellsworth is vying for the title that Styles currently holds, Styles canceled last night’s match between himself and Ellsworth due to a purported “injury,” and Ellsworth was not happy, to say the least.

And even though Ellsworth took the opportunity to take shots at Styles in the ring after he canceled the match, there can be no question that Ellsworth certainly was in his feelings about not being able to try to snatch the title from Styles. Of course, Ellsworth also conveniently forgets that the only reason he had a chance at getting a title shot in the first place is because of Dean Ambrose, whom he subsequently turned on and humiliated. Whether Ellsworth will continue to ruin the SmackDown Live roster remains to be seen.

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