Mitt Romney Gets The Coveted Naked Cowboy Endorsement [Video]

New York, NY — The Times Square street performer known as the Naked Cowboy has endorsed Mitt Romney for president and has the underwear (see video below) to prove it.

The Naked Cowboy, real name Robert Burck, says he’s already voted for Romney in his home state of Ohio, a hotly contested battleground state, via absentee ballot.

Some time back, Burck fully disclosed to Politico that he was “definitely conservative by nature” because of his entrepreneurial background:

“I believe in limited government, I am by nature an entrepreneur and a small businessman, and I’ve been very successful with that. All the things that are conservative, I am by nature. And I see this country as going kind of in the opposite direction of that.”

In endorsing GOP hopeful Mitt Romney for president in the 2012 general election, the Naked Cowboy expressed similar political sentiments:

“I believe in a small, decentralized, fiscally responsible federal government. I believe in an economy with free market principals, and I believe in the strongest national defense on earth. And those are the antithesis of all the things Obama is doing.”

In 2009, Burck briefly “flirted” with running for mayor of New York City. According to CBS, “Burck has become an icon of Times Square by posing with tourists in nothing more than a cowboy hat, boots, a guitar, and white briefs.”

Watch the Naked Cowboy give his endorsement to former Massachusetts governor and businessman Mitt Romney for president:

Do you think the Naked Cowboy endorsement will be a game-changer in the election?

[Image credit: Vramdal]