SC Cop Shoots Pregnant Woman And She Allegedly Tries To Run Him Over With A Car

Woodruff, SC – A police officer was reportedly forced to fatally shoot a pregnant woman to protect himself from being run over by her car. Law enforcement reports indicate that when the driver hopped out of the car during a chase, Lacey Denise Lamb slid behind the wheel in an attempt to hinder the pending arrest during a routine traffic stop.

The scene quickly turned from mundane to deadly. After Matthew Simmons, 33, jumped out of the car, Lamb turned the steering wheel directly towards Officer William Knight, according to witness statements.

South Carolina fatal shooting witness Alisa Thomas had this to say during an interview with WSPA News:

“I knew she was, I mean, like she was going to run over him. So when he fired, he apparently hit her in the head, she lost consciousness and I saw the car just go straight, drive through the underpinning under the trailer.” reports that while chasing Simmons, Lacey Denise Lamb tried to assault the police officer. After Knight fired upon the pregnant woman, he immediately made a radio call for emergency medical assistance. Lamb was 21-weeks pregnant, the baby did not survive the shooting wound inflicted during the traffic stop chaos.

Michael Simmons was ultimately arrested and charged driving under suspension – his third arrest for such an offense. An autopsy on Lamb was scheduled to take place on Friday. An investigation into the fatal shooting is reportedly being handled jointly by the Woodruff Police Department, the coroner’s office, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.