Ohio Republicans Say Obama Camp Bribed College Voters With Free Pizza

Presidential polls in the swing state of Ohio are close, but the state’s Republican party is calling foul over Obama campaign promotions they say are akin to buying votes — with pizza.

The Ohio GOP says that college students in the state were enticed to vote for President Obama with pizza parties provided by the campaign. Ohio State GOP Chairman Robert T. Bennett filed a complaint yesterday with the Franklin County Board of Elections, in which he says that the pizza giveaways amount to an illegal bribe to vote:

“Operatives associated with the Democratic Party and Obama for America, the campaign committee to re-elect Barack Obama, have been and continue to illegally offer items of value in exchange for voting.”

Bennett, who says that “when it was brought to our attention we couldn’t believe it,” confirmed that the Ohio GOP sent a witness to secretly record the pizza parties said to be sponsored by the Obama campaign in pre-election early voting activities.

Claiming that the pizza giveaways constitute a fourth-degree felony, the filing says:

“The prohibition must be strictly enforced in order to ensure that the Nov. 6 election, as well as future Ohio elections, are conducted in an open and fair manner.”

Voting in Ohio has been a contentious issue this election season, as the state is likely Mitt Romney’s sole path to the White House.

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Referencing recent GOP motions to suppress early voting in Ohio, Jerid Kurtz, Ohio Democratic Party spokesman, commented on the pizza scandal:

“Democrats went to court to fight off the Republican attack on the final three days of early voting. Meanwhile, Republicans threatened us with a lawsuit because they’re upset about a pizza party. The difference in priorities couldn’t be clearer.”

Do you think free pizza is an adequate inducement to vote a certain way in the Ohio polls?