Amy Duggar Admits To Being A Victim Of Domestic Violence, Divorce Rumors Swirl After Confession

Amy Duggar hasn't been married for long and already there are rumors of divorce swirling. It was just announced that she would be partaking in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with her husband, Dillon King. The trailer for the new season beginning in January was recently released, and the admission from Duggar was shocking to fans. She hasn't appeared in Counting On at all, but speculation was that she was busy with her married life. Amy has always been treated differently in the world because while she is a Duggar, she isn't a sibling.

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars released the trailer for the new season last week, and viewers found out Amy Duggar would be partaking with her husband, Dillon King. The two got married in September of 2015, just a little over a year ago. Plans for children are definitely in the future but first, there are some serious issues that need to be addressed. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Amy Duggar was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of someone she trusted. She talks about being choked and physically lifted off the floor. Once this hit social media and people began to view it, they called for Duggar to leave her husband immediately.

Amy Duggar/Twitter
Amy Duggar/Twitter

The news of the alleged altercation between Amy Duggar and Dillon King is scary, to say the least. From the outside, they seemed like a happy couple. They have bickered a bit back and forth on social media, but there were no signs that their marriage could be a possibly abusive situation. Watching Duggar describe the incident has fans worried that she isn't going to walk away if it becomes a life or death situation. She grew up with Jim Bob and Michelle's children, hearing them condemn divorce all the way around. Amy watched as her cousin Josh embarrassed the family and his wife Anna last year, and still she stayed with him after extending forgiveness. The concern comes in the fact that while what Josh did was horrible, it was not anything physical and it has never been. King is much bigger than Duggar, and if he wanted to hurt her, he could easily do something.

While the context of what allegedly happened between Amy Duggar and Dillon King has not been addressed, it doesn't change anything for fans who are worried. Rumors of divorce have been swirling, with the urging coming from people across social media. By Duggar putting herself out there with that story, she had to have known there was going to be some backlash. King has remained completely silent on the issue. The two are likely under contract with the show and probably can't talk about their experience in detail at all. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is set to begin in a little over a month and the details of what caused the altercation will be given.

Amy Duggar/Twitter
[Image via Amy Duggar/Twitter]

It will be interesting to see where Amy Duggar goes from here. There were rumors that she was getting her own design show alongside her husband, Dillon King. In fact, the two hinted at in on social media, but there have been no details available about it at all. With the issues happening between them, it wouldn't be shocking if their show was scrapped before it even aired. Duggar knows what it is like living in the spotlight and if more domestic violence incidents were happening, it would make sense why she hasn't been included in Counting On. Amy Duggar is in the middle of dealing with issues in her marriage and all of them will be playing out for the world to see.

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