Brad Pitt And Kate Hudson Dating Rumors Resurface, But They Still Aren't True [Debunked]

Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson continue to face rumors of a romance, despite there being no truth to these reports.

At the end of last month, rumors claiming Brad Pitt, who recently parted ways with Angelina Jolie after 12 years together and two years of marriage, was dating Kate Hudson began to surface. Now, after those rumors were shot down, another round of reports have been shared.

Still, regardless of what certain outlets, including the National Enquirer, have claimed, Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are not an item.

According to the latest incorrect report, which Gossip Cop has since shot down, Angelina Jolie allegedly dumped Brad Pitt "right into the arms of Hollywood hottie Kate Hudson," and now he's reportedly "smitten" with the actress.

Kate Hudson attends an event in Miami
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"It's the perfect rebound for [Brad Pitt]. He and Kate share a lot of mutual friends who think she's ideal for him," a supposed source alleged.

As TMZ reported months ago, Brad Pitt's wife filed for divorce on September 19 and requested full physical custody of their children, Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has reportedly requested joint custody of the kids, which Entertainment Tonight confirmed in November.

The false report regarding Brad Pitt's post-split activities continued on, claiming that Kate Hudson had actually asked Jennifer Aniston, Pitt's former wife, for her "approval" before she pursued Pitt. The outlet then outrageously suggested that Aniston had allegedly encouraged Hudson to move forward with Pitt and reportedly found her to be just what her ex-husband needed.

"Jen thinks Kate's exactly what [Brad Pitt] needs right now. She's fun, she loves music and she has that hippie vibe Brad once loved about Jen," the alleged insider claimed. "It's serious, but they're trying to keep it top secret until his divorce is final."

In response to the article, a source close to Brad Pitt told Gossip Cop that the rumor regarding the actor and Kate Hudson's alleged romance was "not true."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been apart for months, and not surprisingly, neither party has moved on from the relationship with someone else, nor are they expected to do so in the near future. Still, the rumors have continued.

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Although Brad Pitt may not be looking to move on at the moment, he is expected to move on at some point. According to a report weeks ago, he allegedly wants his next love interest to be nothing like his estranged wife.

"[Brad Pitt] is still getting his legs underneath him after Angelina hit him with a wrecking ball, but eventually he will date again," an insider told Hollywood Life last month. "One thing is for sure, the next woman he dates will be nothing like Angelina. He was seduced by her darkness and intensity but after years of all the drama he wants to be around positive people. Brad is looking for someone to bring light into his life after all the drama. He just wants it to be easy and loving. At this point in his life he realizes all the other stuff is a waste of time."

In recent weeks, Brad Pitt has also been linked to actress Margot Robbie. In fact, one incorrect report weeks ago claimed Robbie had actually caused Pitt and Jolie to divorce. Along with an allegation claiming Brad Pitt signed on to The Big Short in an effort to spend time with Robbie, Hollywood Life suggested Jolie had allegedly attempted to block the two from working together. In response to the report, however, a reliable source told Gossip Cop that the entire report was "false."

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